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36 things I will do/should do/want to do in the next 12 months

Why 36? Go figure!

1. Get a tattoo in the “traditional” way in Kalinga.

2. Go to Kota Kinabalu.
3. Start that personal book blog.
4. Visit Tacloban for the first time.
5. Reconcile with that one person.
6. Sing in public again (no, karaoke doesn’t count).
7. Go to Japan.
8. Restart my MA studies.
9. Lose 10 more pounds.
10. Go to the doctor and get the whole kaboodle of tests.
11. Attend an international conference.
12. Read at least 40 more books (to reach my goal of 60 books until December)
13. Learn a new skill that I’ve never tried before.
14. Watch a live football game that doesn’t involve the Azkals or a Philippine club.
15. Go to Palawan for the first time ever.
16. Learn how to invest in the stock market.
17. Write a blog post every other day (no, work doesn’t count)
18. Commit to one church.
19. Write capsule reviews of all TV shows/movies I watch.
20. Go to a concert/gig of a local artist at least once a month.
21. Join a book club.
22. Join or start an interest group.
23. Try my best to sleep at least 5-6 hours everyday.
24. Start running again.
25. Get published in an international online magazine.
26. Finish at least two Coursera courses.
27. Put some sort of color in my hair.
28. Treat family to a hotel staycation.
29. Finish a whole notebook before starting a new one.
30. Do a fund-raising party/event for a foundation.
31. Start scrapbooking again.
32. Read the “difficult” books of the Bible.
33. Buy shoes with kitten heels. (I haven’t worn heels in almost a decade)
34. Cook at least once a week.
35. Do a cleanse every two months.
36. Do at least half of the things on this list.
So yeah, I’ll get back to you after a year.
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