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Music Monday: Do You Want New, Free and Legal Music?

If you’re any kind of music lover, you will definitely say yes to that right?

One of my recent (although it’s been around for some time now, I just didn’t pay attention) discoveries is Noise Trade. It is all kinds of awesome, as you would hear me say if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr

Why is it free and legal you ask? Well, their “tagline” says it all

Fans get free music.
Artists connect with new fans.
Everybody wins.

They explain it more thoroughly here. And they also have a blog showcasing their “success stories”

I have barely begun sinking my teeth into this and already I am happily discovering new music that is eating up space in my rapidly shrinking hard disk. But no matter what, I’ll always make room for brilliant new music. Or buy a new macbook pro with bigger disk space 😛


Here are some of the new artists I’ve discovered and currently devouring.

The Welcome Wagon

The Vespers

Apex Manor

Garrison Starr

Paper Route

There are also some familiar artists here like Susanna Hoffs (formerly of The Bangles), Rhett Miller (Mr. “Am I gonna be lonely for the rest of my life”) and current indie darlings The Civil Wars (their live album at least).

Be warned, if the kind of music you’re looking for is the Bieber or Carly Rae Jepsen variety, you definitely won’t find it here. Unless, they’re hiding there somewhere (and I don’t want to look for them)

But if you’re feeling musically adventurous, this is definitely the site for you. Why don’t you try out their Summer Music Sampler first to see if the artists here fit your taste. You just have to like their Facebook page to get the 33 track sampler. For some reason though it doesn’t work on Chrome, so use Firefox or IE or Safari to download

Oh, and did I mention that if you’re an indie artist who wants to get your music “out there”, you can definitely sign up and upload your music. Get started here.

Let me know if you discover any new (or old) artist that you like okay?



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