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Random thoughts while watching The Desolation of Smaug (no spoilers I think)

No spoilers. Maybe

  • Ayala Cinemas you suck! A lot of ads and no trailers at all? Dont you know that trailers are part of the moviegoing experience?
  • Wow that’s an early cameo by that person who always makes a cameo in all Middle Earth films
  • I still catch my breath whenever I see Thorin Oakenshield, especially when it’s a glamour shot


  • People eating noisily in a movie house, I hate you with a fire of a thousand dragons
  • Thranduil, showing us that he’s way prettier than his son


  • Ooohh a pretty elf may just have been friendzoned
  • Kili showing us that height doesn’t matter


  • Where’s the dragon? I wanna see the dragon!
  • Why is there a crying baby in this cinema? Isn’t this supposed to be not suitable for young children? Creatures get killed and decapitated and worse!
  • My arachnophobic JDP boss will never be able to watch this film
  • All I can think of now when I see Radagast (you know the fellow with bird poop in his hair) is this Dr Who short film


  • “You made me nosebleed, you’re going to pay” said a pretty elf
  • First Cumberbatch audio “sighting” *shivers* but still not the dragon
  • Bard has got the scowling down pat


  • Wait, orcs cannot be that lithe and stealthy!
  • Dragon! You can never have too much dragon! I am fire and I am death!


  • Is it so wrong that I am going gaga over Smaug’s voice? I think Cumberbatch can voice the animated version of Twilight and i still would not hate it/him

cumberbatch baby

  • Oooohh shiny! I want the shiny!
  • Thorin, I have the lack of height to be your dwarven queen! Pretty please
  • Okay, I dont hate Tauriel at all


  • What? I have to wait another year???
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