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Top Ten Tuesday: Pop Culture Things I’m Excited About Now

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Obviously, if you really know me, this would be my first item since Batman is my favorite superhero and Christopher Nolan is my favorite director. And this trilogy by Nolan has to got to be one of, if not, the best superhero movie adaptation. While I’m always cautious about my expectations on big-budget movies, I expect nothing less but perfection in this third film. That’s how much Nolan has earned my trust. And from the reviews I’ve seen so far, he does not disappoint. “Oh my goodness” and “He didn’t just do that!” action sequences, a detestable yet weirdly appealing villain, dystopian sensibilities, emo soul-searching internal dialogues, venerable father figures, a tender romantic angle (maybe 3rd time’s the charm for Bruce), supporting characters that can actually do a spin-off (I’m looking at you Joseph Gordon-Levitt): these are the things I’m expecting and will probably get (based on reviews I actually read)

2. Superman: Man of Steel

Since we’re talking about superheroes….I am not the biggest Superman fan but all the news from the Comic Con this year gives me hope that this might just be an interesting take on the franchise. Besides, how can you resist Henry Cavill?

The poster looks awesome too

3. The Hobbit

It’s still 5 months away but already I am excited beyond belief about a return trip to Middle Earth. While Westeros has captured my imagination for the past months, my first love would always be JRR Tolkien’s creations. Peter Jackson has taken a somewhat “liberated” approach to the adaptation by including fan favorites Legolas and Galadriel who aren’t even in the book, but of course in Jackson we trust. And all those video diaries during the shoot has added to the anticipation. Now it’s time to re-read The Hobbit, and re-watch the whole LOTR trilogy (extended versions and behind the scenes videos included of course)

4. Game of Thrones Season 3

Speaking of Westeros…March 2013 is indeed so far away (why? why? why?) but the  introduction of the new cast members for Season 3 has hyped up the excitement this early. I’m very happy with the casting of Jojen Reed (one of my book favorites) – the boy who played Liam Neeson’s son in Love Actually and the voice of Ferb (Phineas and Ferb is a cartoon on Disney) – Thomas Brodie Sangster. Dame Diana Rigg (who played Emma Peel in the original Avengers – nope, not that Avengers) will play Lady Olenna, the grandmother of Margery and Loras Tyrell. Richard Dormer looks old-handsome enough to play Beric Dondarrion who is actually….okay, i won’t spoil it for those who didn’t read the books. To see the rest of the new cast, watch the video below

5. Fringe Season 5 

I am still in denial that this is the last season of Fringe. Just like with the departure of Buffy, Lost and The X-Files (I’m sensing a pattern here), my TV life will never be the same when it ends. But in the meantime, I will look forward to this last season which will be mostly set in the future, which might mean more Desmond, I mean Henry Ian Cusick time 🙂

6. The Newsroom

I was a bit hesitant to show the first episode of this new Aaron Sorkin penned drama to my classes because I was afraid they wouldn’t appreciate the rapid-fire dialogue and sometimes preachy journalism tone. But to my surprise, they enjoyed it and even developed a new-found appreciation for their tv production class. And since it was my 3rd viewing of that episode, I still laughed, got teary-eyed and slow clapped in the same parts. Looking forward to watching the other 3 episodes currently shown.

7. So You Think You Can Dance Season 9

I really wish more people I know would watch my favorite reality competition program (yes, more than AI or even The Amazing Race, which has gotten a little stale for me) so that you would understand why I go ga-ga over choreographers and why my heart breaks everytime a dancer is sent home. It’s no easy feat for dancers from different styles to dance with each other and randomly draw a dance style that may well be out of their comfort zone. But they do this week in and week out and so the frustrated non-dancer in me has to stand up and applaud them every week too. Plus Cat Deeley is the best host ever!

8. New albums!

Most of them are months away again, but I am eagerly awaiting new albums from Mumford and Sons (finally! Their album is constantly being abused on my iTunes), The xx, Passion Pit, The Shins, Grizzly Bear, Cat Power, Mazzy Star. Plus all these new albums I’ve been discovering on noisetrade. (check out my post on this)

9. Skycable now offers Goal 1 and Goal 2

Only fellow football fans would understand why I am both ecstatic and afraid of this new development. Goodbye sleep is all I can say.

10. The London Olympics 2012

I dunno if it’s the Muse song or the P&G ad that has me actually looking forward to this, even though I would only be following swimming, tennis, maybe gymnastics and of course football (I don’t think any of those sports have Filipinos competing in them right?)

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