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Football Friday: 10 EPL Players I Fell in Love With Part 1

Even though I talk about football A LOT, I am still basically a newbie in this world. This is the first season that I got to watch the English Premiere League (I would have preferred to follow La Liga, but our sports cable channels don’t cover it. Boo) and I can say that after 10 months of watching, I have a more than average knowledge of all 20 teams (I can name all coaches and 1st keepers) and most of the players. So since there are just 4 games to go, I’d like to start off my season-ending countdown with my Top Ten Favorite EPL players. Oh, and looks have nothing at all to do with this list this time

And yes, I intentionally left off my beloved Fernando Torres, because a. I will always love him no matter what and b. To say that he has had a bad season is an understatement

1. Jack Wilshere – Arsenal

He won the Professional Footballers’ Association’s Young Player of the Year Award and with good reason. He’s just 19 years old, but already he is such an influential midfielder in both Arsenal and the England NT. While he is still a bit temperamental on and off the pitch, give him a few more years to mature and he might as well turn out to be one of the best all-around midfielders of his generation

2. Raul Meireles – Liverpool

IMHO, probably Liverpool’s player of the season, especially under King Kenny’s reign. In the absence of Steven Gerrard, he has proven to be a stalwart replacement. While injury has halted his rise on Merseyside, I’m sure next season he’ll be crucial in the Reds’ bid for a place in the Top 4 again

3. Rafael van der Vaart – Tottenham Hotspurs

I don’t like Dutch players on principle, but this is one Dutchman that I can’t help but love. Rescued from the benches of Real Madrid, VDV didn’t need to¬†acclimatize¬†himself to England: he plays like he was born to play in the EPL. He has been one of Spurs’ best players and scores crucial goals while being a great attacking midfielder (I really love my midfielders!)

4. Samir Nasri – Arsenal

When he’s at his best and at his quickest, I can’t take my eyes off him, whether he’s playing as a winger or a central midfielder. I think he was one of the most crucial players in Arsenal’s run-in in four competitions (all of which are dust now, but that’s another story) and when he does score goals, he makes brilliant ones. The goal below at 00:21 is my absolute favorite

5. Scott Parker – West Ham

Now why would I include a player that is part of a team that would probably be relegated to the Championship at the end of the season? I dunno if it’s listening to all these football podcasts where the pundits wax lyrical about him, but he really is an inspiration for a mediocre team. And he single-handedly drags said team to actually winning games. Looking forward to seeing which club would buy him, because he’s too good to not play in the EPL


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