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(Belated) Music Monday: My Inner Girl Rocker Playlist

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always lived a very exciting and eventful life, filled with love triangles, adventures that span continents and dramatic scenes that are worthy of screen time.

Oh right, that was all in my head

But really, ever since I could fully grasp the idea of make-believe and reality (and even before that probably), I’ve always created stories in my head, stories that kept me company on my long bus trip daily commutes, while waiting in line at school/banks/government agencies, waiting to fall asleep and yes, while sitting on the john.

One of my favorite “storylines” in all these made-up stories is a girl, usually played by Katie Holmes or Julia Stiles or Britt Robertson (Life Unexpected girl) who is a shy, unassuming girl but possesses an outstanding voice that is discovered by the whole world when she is suddenly thrust onto the stage and delivers an unforgettable rocking performance and then slowly becomes the poster girl for girrrrl rockers.

It doesn’t take a psychology degree to conclude that I am a frustrated rocker. It’s been my ultimate dream to play the guitar and sing at the same time. But given my severe lack of hand-eye-voice coordination as evidenced by my dismal back-up guitar and vocals performance of Lovely Day, I would have to live vicariously through the fictional characters in my head.

Which brings us to the Top 7 songs my inner girl rocker performs in my head. And yes, these storylines will not win any Oscars

1. Mother Mother by Tracy Bonham

Storyline: Girl who leaves home to pursue her dream coz her parents dont understand why she wants to become a professional singer, but gives up on dream until she gets accidentally discovered


2. Let This Go by Paramore

Storyline: Girl gets her heart broken over and over by the douchebag jock until she finally breaks up with him through this song and guy realizes what a douchebag he really is


3. Bitch by Plasticines

Storyline: Girl gets back at mean girls by singing this song at the school talent show


4. Taken by Plumb

Storyline: Girl meets boy. Girls falls in love with boy. Boy dies in a horrible accident. Girl performs song at boy’s funeral


5. These Boots Are Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra or One Way or Another by Blondie

Storyline: Karaoke scene in whatever story is in my head


6.  Someone to Fall Back On by Alyson Michalka 

Storyline: The quiet girl who can write songs but never had the guts to sing on stage until that now or never moment


7. Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt

Storyline: Everyone thinks she’s a sweet, harmless, boring little girl until she takes the stage and blasts everyone away with this ong


8. Violet by Hole

Storyline: Goody goody two shoes who rebels against her straight laced parents by singing songs like this


9. Addicted to Love cover by Florence and the Machine

Storyline: Trying to catch the attention and interest of her indie-rocker crush by doing an indie-sultry version of this Robert Palmer classic


10. Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage

Storyline: No storyline, I just love imagining my character singing her heart out to this song


So what is your inner girl rocker playlist

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