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100 Things I Love Project: #9 – Making Mixed CDs

Whether you’re a really good friend or just a mere acquaintance, it gives me great joy to make mixed CDs or playlists for you.

Back when it was still cassette tapes (yes children, there was life before CDs and mp3s), I would painstakingly record my favorite songs from the radio, complete with DJ interrupting the song to make some inane remark. That’s why I am eternally grateful to the Moving Picture Experts Group who apparently came up with the mp3 format, because they have truly revolutionized my life

With the advent of mp3s, itunes and CD burners, I’ve become a big fan of making playlists for those who ask for them or even if you don’t ask for it and I just feel like you would benefit from some of the songs I constantly listen to. I’m your very own itunes genius playlist; just tell me which artists you normally listen to and I can create a whole CD of similar sounding / same genre songs for you.

I also find it fun to introduce artists and songs that I love to people who’ve never heard of them before. I’m not one of those elitists who want to keep good music away from the masses and all to themselves.

And chances are, in my humble opinion, you would love my playlists. Unless you are a hiphop/r&b/bubblegum pop kind of person. Then you would probably throw away the CD I gave you, which is too bad, coz you’re missing out on a chance to level up your musical horizons.

So just give me a holler if you want one. My more than 100 gigs of music is not just for my listening pleasure you know

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