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Viva La Furia Roja

Even as I was almost dying from tension and nervousness, the moment Spain took to the field, everyone knew that this was a different team that had played the past few weeks and which critics have accused of barely squeaking through the group stages, the final 16 and then the quarterfinals

This was a team that was more confident, more balanced (due to the decision to not start my beloved Nando), and more in control. The threatening and talented Germans who killed England and Argentina were left with their relative youth and inexperience scrambling to take possession and shots. It was a valiant effort, but in the end, our La Furia Roja was just too good. (I think Germany will be the team to beat in 2014, if the young ones reach their peak and not get injured)

And as the final whistle sounded and half of National Sports Grill erupted into screams (while the other half mourned in disbelief), everyone felt the collective love of the fans who have stuck with their team, in spite of everything

And what began as a “crush” on Spain, largely because of my obsession with Nando, has turned into a full-blown love affair with each and every member of the squad. And yes, Puyol (aka Ozzy Osbourne), it was an unlikely goal but a winning goal nonetheless and I love you now too!

And because I have no red outfit, I am wearing a red star necklace and using a red bag (and no, I haven’t slept a wink) in honor of your victory

Sorry Brazil, but I think Spain now occupies a bigger space in my heart

Let’s go win this World Cup!

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