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Top Ten Thursday – Favorite Cartoons from My Childhood

Because of the explosion of that whole “change your profile pic on FB to your favorite cartoons” craze, I thought it would be just apt to list down my top ten favorite cartoons back when I was still small…err…I meant young

1. Superfriends – back when all the superheroes weren’t angsty and complicated yet, I got my kicks out of seeing them defeat the bad guys. It was all black and white then – good guys + superpowers = bad guys go to jail (or die)

2. Voltron Lion Force – While everyone was gaga over Voltes V, I preferred the more”elitist” Voltron. And I secretly longed to be Princess Allura and wished a Keith would come into my life

3. Rainbow Brite – probably the girliest and the most colorful cartoon I liked back then

4. Care Bears – to this day, i don’t know why my parents refused to buy me a Care Bear stuff toy. I had to settle for a sticker book. Why Mama, why? I think I was traumatized by the lack of a Care Bear in my life

5. Tiger Sharks – why doesn’t anyone (except for my brother) I know remember the whole Comic Strip cartoon series on Channel 9? This was my favorite back then

6. Mini Monsters – this too! Before there was Camp Half Blood, there was this. Roll on, Camp Mini Mon!

7. Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light – In my head, I was a Spectral Knight, out to conquer the Darkling Lords! Yes, my head was full of geeky fantasies even then

8. Thundercats – Probably the only time I liked cats

9. Jem and the Holograms – what little girl (and some boys too) didnt want to become a rock star like Jem?

10. Transformers – the reason why I hated the 2nd Transformers movie (and kinda loved the first one) was because it was sacrilege, given how much I loved the old 2D cartoons

And these three, I loved even though I wasn’t a child anymore

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