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100 Things I Love Project: #10 – Being a Geek

Mirriam-Webster Online defines a geek as a:

1 : a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake

2: a person often of an intellectual bent who is disliked

3:an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity <computer geek>

While I am definitely not the first, and I sincerely hope I am not the second, the 3rd is probably the closest “official” definition that I can come to, regarding my own brand of geekiness.

My own definition of geek is this: A person who likes something so much that he/she spends a lot of effort into knowing everything there is to know about said something and can rattle off a random fact, figure or trivia about that certain something to other people, whether they ask for it or not. (so maybe that’s why Mirriam-Webster came out with the 2nd definition of geek)

I, for one, revel in my geekness. Just some random facts about my different geekdoms

* I’m such a Tolkien geek that I once convinced my then-boss (who was also an LOTR fan) to host and organize the premiere of Return of the King. And I’ve read each Tolkien book at least more than 3x. I still have not reached the level of geekness that some people are in (speaking and writing in Elvish, knowing ALL the Middle Earth names and naming their children after Middle Earth characters, having role-playing games, etc) but among my “normal” friends, I may be the expert when it comes to the subject

* I cannot help but buy a book whenever I go into a bookstore, whether or not I’ve finished all the 20 or so books that I previously bought but have not read. I feel the books screaming at me when I go out without buying anything so I just have to. And no matter how heavy my bag is, there has to be at least one book in there or else I feel like my bag is empty

* I am such a newly-converted football geek that I spend hours just reading about leagues and clubs and players and best of lists. And since I know only 2 1/2 people who would appreciate all this knowledge, I had to create a secret tumblr site where I could share this with other football-obsessed people. And I recently discovered that most of them are around 15 years old. But who cares?

* Only a music geek would have more than 100 gigs of music that has to be manually and painstakingly arranged by artist, album, and sometimes even genre and they all have to have album covers. I thank ITunes for making this easier on me, but I still have to sometimes the urge to do it on my own

* TV shows cannot escape my geekness. Before the advent of downloading and when Channel 9 and Studio 23 were the only channels that showed quality, foreign shows, I religiously followed the TV shows I put in my planner. And people know that when Buffy or The X-Files was on, you cannot talk to me. Currently, I have a schedule of the date and time when I should download new eps. And friends constantly ask me for new show recommendations and downloads, and I gladly bestow my “expertise” on them

*I know random facts about movies even if I haven’t seen them yet (or at all) because I just have to say something about movies when it comes up in conversations

And yes, the way I’ve rattled on and on about my different geekdoms is proof enough that I am a proud card-carrying member of the new breed of geeks

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