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My Music in 2012 Part 1 – The Concerts

Just like with the other aspects of my life, my “music life” in 2012 was very colorful. Eventful in a sense that I watched a lot of mind blowing concerts, I grew to love a couple of genres that I never thought I would love (no, still not into r&b and hiphop), I discovered a lot of new music (therefore needing more hard disk space once again) and admitting that I miss actually getting involved in music


Once again, I had the opportunity to see some of my favorite international acts in concert this year. In fact, I got to cross off four bands in my concert bucket list!

2012 Concerts

Death Cab For Cutie (March 5 at NBC Tent)

This was a groundbreaking concert for me – it was the first time I watched a concert alone! That’s how badly I wanted to see a post-Zooey Deschanel Ben Gibbard and his band. And yes, I did cry and lived to blog about it.


Lifehouse (May 26 at Smart Araneta)

We had nosebleed seats and you could barely see Jason Wade and his hotness, but you could definitely hear him croon into our ears and hearts (naks). A dream come true for John, Kaligay and me, but maybe next time better seats are needed

A rare picture of me at a concert (Yep, I hate taking pics of me watching a concert)

A rare picture of me at a concert (Yep, I hate taking pics of me watching a concert)


NKOTBSB (June 3 at MOA Arena)

While I will always be a rock/alternative/indie girl, there is still that high school girl part of me that squeals at the thought of Menudo, New Kids on the Block and a bit of the Backstreet Boys. So with fellow fan girl Mica, we screamed our hearts out as our teenage selves came out to party. An added bonus: Azkals players, and most especially Coach Hans Weiss, dancing and singing along to BSB songs šŸ˜‰

Couldn't find the precious photos I took, so here's Mica and me all smiles (and sweat) after the concert

Couldn’t find the precious photos I took, so here’s Mica and me all smiles (and sweat) after the concert


Snow Patrol (August 9 at Smart Araneta)

I could say that this was probably the most memorable one, partly because this was held a few days after the monster monsoon that devastated Luzon, and because Gary Lightbody was oozing with charm and appeal and of course because Snow Patrol is my 4th favorite band. Most of the people were teary-eyed when he dedicated Lifening to theĀ indomitableĀ spirit of the Filipinos

My poor attempt at concert mobile photography

My poor attempt at concert mobile photography


Keane (October 2 at MOA Arena)

I was slowly losing hope that I would be able to watch them, but at the last minute, two dear friends gave me and Angel tickets. Keane isn’t as bombastic or charismatic as the other artists I saw this year, but their music really speaks to me. And Tom Chaplin has this soaring, Bono-esque voice that tickles my heart

I wish I could adequately capture how pretty the lights were. This was Tom doing an acoustic version of Bedshaped

I wish I could adequately capture how pretty the lights were. This was Tom doing an acoustic version of Bedshaped


Saved Festival 2012 (October 26 at MOA Arena)

Appropriately enough, my last concert of the year was a worship concert. My friends at Becca Music once again did a great job in bringing together different artists to lead a jam-packed venue in worship. I brought with me a dear friend and it was her first time to attend a worship concert so it was such a joy to be with her there. I was only able to catch Abandon (my current favorite worship band) and The Katinas (not my cup of tea, but still great guys) though šŸ˜¦ And yes, I did not have a single picture there.


My biggest concert regrets

Smashing Pumpkins (friends gave me a ticket at the last minute but I was stranded by the monster monsoon)

Wilson Philips (again, a friend gave me tickets, but then i got sick)

STING (How could I have missed this???? Oh yes, i was totally broke by then. Biggest regret of 2012 for sure)


To be continued tomorrow: My new love affair with a genre that i said i would never like (no, not that genre)


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Music Monday: Yes I Cried Alone at Death Cab for Cutie

Tonight, I crossed off two items off my imaginary bucket list (I do have a list but it’s all my head)

  • watch a concert alone
  • see Death Cab for Cutie live in concert

A friend actually asked me why I would even consider watching a concert alone and I gave her the following reasons

  1. Tickets are too expensive for me to treat a friend (which I occasionally do)
  2. No one I knew well enough was going to the concert (I did know some people but they were with their friends and I don’t wanna be the odd duck)
  3. I’m a loser
  4. I’ve always wanted to try it

And most importantly

Of course I felt a bit silly and intimated by the numerous groups of hipsters once we were inside the venue. But the moment the band stepped on stage and played their first few notes, all self-consciousness fled my body and I started swaying, bobbing my head, singing gustily along and even dancing occasionally.

No matter how many concerts I’ve been to, I am always amazed at how music brings people together; that thousands of people, practically strangers can sing in unison and scream together for an encore; that each guitar riff or drum solo can sound so familiar and touch a deep part of our souls; that words written by one person can strike a chord in millions of people. I will never get tired at seeing the power of music.

Now after waxing lyrical about the beauty of music, here are my random thoughts:

  • Even if they say that DCFC sold out for years now, you cannot deny their musicality. And live, it is even more evident. Each instrument, note, arrangement, was just close enough to perfect that night
  • I cried twice: during What Sarah Said (love is watching someone die) and of course during….
  • that moment when Ben picked up his guitar and launched into an earnest and simple rendition of I Will Follow You Into the Dark and the who,e venue sang with him through every freaking word of that beautiful song. Two cliche but true words: Epic and Infinite
  • even if I didn’t know some of the songs, I couldn’t stop bobbing and trying to mouth lyrics I almost recognized
  • I therefore conclude I am still not old enough to not like rock music. I did not once tell myself “Man, the music is too loud”
  • this was one of the loudest crowds I’ve been with for a while now (with the exemption of football games). That clamor for an encore was soooo freaking loud, my ears rang for a few minutes afterwards (and not from the music)
  • “This next song is a song about vampires” Ben drolly said before launching into Meet Me In The Equinox, which many consider their sell-out song (it was in the Twilight OST in case you didn’t know) but is actually a pretty good song
  • OA na kung OA, but there were a lot of moments during the concert when I just had to close my eyes, sway blindly to the music just to breathe in the whole experience
  • songs that they didn’t play but I wish they did: Your Heart is an Empty Room, Stay Young Go Dancing, Different Names for the Same Thing, Someday You Will Be Loved

Click here for the complete set list

And this is what Ben had to say afterwards

One more thing, I did not have a single picture or video from last night because
1. There were too many obstructions (tall people) in front of me
2. I’ve never made it a habit to take pics during concerts coz I feel like it takes me away from the whole concert experience

So here’s my only remembrance from that night

So yeah, for real concert photos, go to my favorite concert photographer’s site here

And for once, I’m glad some people captured this moment on video (thank you youtube user kikoat)


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