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Top 10 Shows That Made Me Weep When They Ended Part 1

You know me and my TV shows: the world stops when I’ve finished downloading the latest episode or if I’m in the mood for a marathon all by myself. And I read a quote somewhere that maybe he’s really in a coma, and that his favorite TV shows were the “real world” trying to wake him up from years of unconsciousness.

I feel that way a lot of times. So when a TV show that I love ends, it really is emotionally catastrophic for me. I feel like I lost a really good friend or a family member. Weeks after the show ends, I still feel like I’m in a daze and I keep going back and watching my fave episodes, all because I’m still in a state of denial. It does get better eventually, but then another favorite TV shows and it happens all over again.

Here are 10 shows that made me weep, whether they were comedy,drama or action, when they ended. In no particular order

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I spent 7 seasons telling people not to be turned off by the title because this is one of the best shows ever. Around 2 or 3 people believed me. But I didn’t care because I knew that they were missing a lot by not following Buffy Summers and her Scoobies. That final battle just about killed me, and when Sunnydale finally sunk into the ground, I knew that it was really over. Well, until the graphic novels came out. But vampires and slayers have never been the same for me

2. Lost

From the moment that Jack Shepard opened his eyes up to the last moment of the series when he…(okay I won’t spoil it coz some of you still haven’t watched), this series just captured my imagination and my brain cells. Before there was Inception, there was Lost to eff up our brains. But more than all the mysteries and plot twists, I really fell in love with each and every character, hero or villain, real or imagined. And until now, I still feel the loss very vividly

3. Friends

Yes, I’ve watched each episode of every season more than twice. Yes, I’ve also debated with myself whether I was a Monica, a Phoebe or a Rachel (in the end, I think I was more of a less funny Chandler). Yes, these “friends” got me through a real tough time in my life. And yes, the whole final episode, I was in tears and when they finally left the apartment for the last time, I bawled my eyes out.

4. Battlestar Galactica

I was never a Trekkie or a Babylon 5 or a Stargate girl. People are sometimes surprised, given my geeky nature. But Battlestar Galactica is the first sci-fi show that I followed religiously, so to speak. And for a show that is set in a different sphere than our reality, it had more insights into relevant world issues than the news and talk shows. The ending left a lot to be desired, but the journey towards that end was spectacular

5. Veronica Mars

Why can’t Americans keep intelligent teen shows like this on the air while trashy fare like 90210 and that reality show The Hills kept getting renewed? This is another one of those really good shows that were cancelled before it could resolve any of its long-standing plots and mysteries. Gone too soon, I tell you. And Kristen Bell deserves another shot at TV glory. She oozes talent from her very pores. She was the one good thing on Heroes that last season and they killed her off. Figures

To be continued….


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Soundtrack Music Discoverer

If geography, degree, experience and money were not a problem, one of my dream jobs would be to be that person who looks for music for a TV show or movie in the US or Canada or anywhere not here. (I say that not because I am racist or anything, but because we still are a long, long way from producing a TV show or movie that would require quality music and not the latest remake of a long forgotten song being sung by a long forgotten singer trying to make a comeback, but I digress). I don’t know the exact technical term for the people who do this, but I’ll just call it the soundtrack music discoverer

I just love, love, love that moment when a certain song captures perfectly the essence of a scene, as if that song was created specifically for that scene. Like when “Your Heart is An Empty Room” plays at the end of the series premiere of New Amsterdam (I’m sure no one was able to watch this amazing short lived series); or that iconic moment at the end of the nth season of Grey’s Anatomy when Chasing Cars became a National Anthem for Mer-Der and Izzy-Denny fans; when Falling Slowly captured the beauty and heartbreak of “Once” in a music store; the entire mediocre Empire Records which was turned extraordinary by its choice of music; that dark moment in Buffy when Angie Hart sang Blue at The Bronze at the end of Conversations with Dead People;

I can go on and on and on, but this post would never end…

I also love hearing new, unheard of bands or bands that only 20 peole listened to before, get discovered in moments like these. The OC, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, Greys Anatomy and Gossip Girl are just some of the shows that have brought obscure indie bands to mainstream attention. Most of them will never have the career longevity of U2 or Coldplay, but for a few shining moments, people fall in love with them and buy their albums or records just to recapture that feeling from watching and listening to that synergy of music and drama. Sometimes you will be disappointed because they might just be one hit wonders, but sometimes you’ll be lucky and start a love affair with the artists and band (I discovered Stars through a OTH episode and Ingrid Michaelson through Greys Anatomy)

If I were a soundtrack music discoverer, I will just spend the whole day listening to CDs, going to different bars in search of a new soundtrack music discovery, just to find that one song that can convey the characters’ joy, heartbreak, confusion or ecstacy. Now, isn’t that just the perfect dream job for someone like me who devours music, movies and TV shows like there’s no tomorrow?

But until then, I will just have to search for the next best thing, becaue let’s face it, that dream is too far away. Reality beckons…



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