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Top Ten Tuesday: Pop Culture Recommendations

It’s that time of the week (hopefully I really make it weekly) where I make some recommendations on the pop culture side of things. Let me know if you tried out one or two of these

NPR Music (and its iPad app)

I’m always constantly on the look-out for new music and my constant source for everything non-pop and non-mainstream is NPR Music. Bob Boilen, Robin Hilton and Stephen Thompson are some of my favorite music pundits. I listen to the All Songs podcast weekly and check out their daily First Listen where you can stream the latest releases. I’m also currently enjoying their Austin 100, a mix of 100 songs from artists to watch out at SXSW. Oh and I recently discovered their awesome awesome iPad app!

Awake (new TV show)

The newest complicated TV show has aired just one episode but is already gaining critical momentum. The plot may be confusing at first. Lucius Malfoy, errr, I mean Jason Isaacs plays a detective who goes back to work after being in an accident with his wife and son, only to find out that every time he goes to sleep, he switches between realities, one where his wife died and the other where his son is the one who died. Whew. Did you get that? The pilot is exciting, intriguing, and yes, a tad bit confusing. But I’m gonna give this a chance and hope the US audience does too

 David Finch in Manila (not to be confused with the director David Fincher)

Graphic novel and Batman fans would know who David Finch is. But for those who are not, he is a comic book artist who is writing and drawing The Dark Knight Batman arc. He has also worked on The Ultimate X-Men and The New Avengers. He will be in town to do some talks and of course, a book signing. For more info you can go to the Fully Booked microsite here.

Batman Reel Time

Speaking of Batman and Fully Booked, they have  free (first come, first served) screenings of Batman animated and movie classics from Thursday to Friday at their Bonifacio High Street branch.Click here for the screening schedule While you’re there and if you have an iOs device, check out their augmented reality Imagine App. It’s hard to explain, so just download the app and go there to see for yourself.

Sari Sari Sounds

Internet radio is the new black. Well, at least if you have a decent internet connection and would like to listen to the radio format without all the commercials and annoying DJs. My favorite of the bunch is Sari Sari Sounds. They play all original pilipino music, and not the headache inducing kind. You have a good mix of indie, jazz, blues, r&b, electronica, every musical genre under the sun with just one common thread: proudly pinoy!

Chaos Walking Trilogy

Because I’m trying to read Dance With Dragons (the 5th and latest installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga) as slowly as possible, I take quick breaks from Westeros and visit a new universe. Patrick Ness’ award-winning saga is another dystopian young adult series in the tradition of Hunger Games. I’m still in the first book The Knife of Never Letting Go, but already I feel myself getting slowly pulled into the life of New World, Prentisstown and Todd Hewitt. I have to  read the trilogy before Hollywood turns it into a movie

Back Four Bums (a Pinoy football podcast)

If you are a Pinoy football fan, then this is a must! Probably the first Pinoy football podcast ever and I couldn’t be happier coz it features four of my favorite local pundits: Ebong Joson aka The Blue Haired Fan, Cedelf Tupas of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rick Olivares an AKTV commentator and Bleachers Brew and Bob Guerrero, your resident ABS-CBN commentator. They have the latest Azkals and UFL news, analysis and just football hilarity all around

Game of Thrones goodies

Season 2 trailer with Florence + The Machine (two of my favorite things in the world)

And that epic GoT tribute in the opening sequence of The Simpsons


Yes, I had to say that in all caps coz I’m that excited!!! We are still not 100% sure that this cult favorite will be back for a 4th season but there is hope since they didn’t cancel them mid-season. Seriously, if you haven’t started watching this, you only have 3 1/2 seasons to catch up and discover why we are that crazy about this show. They are releasing 3 animated shorts to promote the return, but unfortunately they will be released on Hulu only (which is unavailable here). I am hoping some kind individual will upload it on YouTube soon

Two more weeks till The Hunger Games

I still refuse to raise my expectations but it’s hard not to get caught up in Hunger Games fever. So yeah, I will be inwardly squealing until March 22. In the meantime,here are all three trailers in case you haven’t seen it yet

Some other pop culture tidbits

  • They canceled Terra Nova. Not enough dinosaurs?
  • Why is Fringe on a break? I am going into withdrawals
  • A devotional based on The Hobbit? Why not!
  • My AI bets are in the Top 13: Philip, Hee Jun, Jessica and Skylar
  • But The Voice still beats AI in my book! Go Jordis!


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