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8 Realizations While Spring Cleaning

I’m on my nth day of attempting to springclean and here are just some things I realized (and I know technically, we don’t have spring here, but what the heck do you call it then? Summer cleaning?)

1. I have too much stuff

I may have inherited my pack rat genes from my Mama (whose room is much worse than mine, believe me) and she probably inherited it from my late Lola (whose room we haven’t touched yet since she passed but I can’t wait to find what “treasures” we’ll find there). So I “acquired” the documentary The Story of Stuff in the hopes that I will be convinced to part with some of my stuff. Let’s see in a few weeks.

2. I have Internet ADD

I get easily distracted when a notification alert pings on my mac or phone. And so I end up chatting, tweeting and surfing 30% (okay, maybe 50%) of the time I’m supposed to be spring cleaning. What’s that? Maybe I should close my gadgets when I clean? That’s an idea…

3. I need to get started on that scrap book really soon

I have drawers and boxes of pictures, clippings and scrapbooking crap that I’ve accumulated the past 3-4 years when I decided to start that hobby. And so far, I’ve managed to complete around 20 pages in 3-4 years. So I guess you can’t really call it a hobby. So maybe I should start actually doing it. Otherwise those boxes and drawers are all for nothing.

One page of my scrapbook

4. Half of the magazines I own, I’d like to give away

Aside from the fact that they take up so much space in my little room, I realized that I don’t really need to buy every single football or entertainment magazine back issues I see in booksale shops. Especially since I have a digital subscription to most of these magazines. So yeah, anyone want to add some old magazines to your house?

This is not even 1/4 of the magazines I have

This is not even 1/4 of the magazines I have

5. I don’t want to give up any of the books I have, but I probably need to

Just thinking about giving away even just one book is already causing me palpitations (or maybe that’s just the coffee I ingested). But I know I may have to one of these days, due to the space problem and our termite problem also. So I have to start marking those that I will NEVER give away and those that I can donate to my friends’ libraries.



I need bookshleves

6. I have too many pens and sticky notes

I dunno why. I just like seeing them all colorful and pretty

You can never have enough pens

You can never have enough pens


7. Doing a spring cleaning of my hard drive is always therapeutic

It wasn’t just physical cleaning that I am attempting to do. Even though I have around 300 gigs of free space on my mac and 500 gigs on my external hard drive, I still feel the urge to delete and rearrange files into neat little folders. Try it sometime, it can do wonders for your emotional well-being, if you’re anything like me.

8. I am mentally organized but physically messy

But there is order in my chaos. Believe me, there is


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What a Way to Start My Week (and my March)

I’ve finally figured out the only time that I like riding in the MRT. It’s that time when the whole city is still cloaked in darkness, and half of its population is still dreaming in their own little worlds. It’s that time of the day when the train (well, the girl’s side of it at least) is still half empty and most of the occupants are still sleepy enough that they don’t notice you staring and creating stories in your head about them. It’s that exact moment you see the city slowly waking up to the realization that it’s Monday again and that they have to trudge to work and school and that still doesn’t get them in a bad mood (at least not yet)

And these drowsy observations are accompanied by The Weepies, Joshua Radin, Racahel Yamagata and Alexi Murdoch, softly lulling you into good vibes and rainbows and fluffy stuffed animals, things that you normally wouldn’t think of while riding public transportation

These are moments I should treasure because I know that they are rare and precious. And because I know that in a few hours, I will face the rude awakening, “Crap! It’s Monday! Where did the weekend go? And oh God, it’s March already!”. And tomorrow, when I know I’ll wake up late, you’ll hear me complaining about the burden of taking public transportation

So today is a rare and beautiful way to start my day, and so I wanted to share it to the world. And now, it’s time for me to get coffee and wake up to reality

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monday morning blues

nah, i don’t really have the blues. and even though i didn’t sleep a wink, and even though i know it’s gonna be another hell week, i just feel so energized and ready to take on the world. well, in a sleepy way, that is.

so what has got me so revved up?

jollibee’s chicken tocino breakfast

i dunno why oily food hits the right spot, but it does. and when you pair it up with hot chocolate, man, it just tastes like a slice of perfection. until i start thinking of the calories, that is. but i refuse to think of the calories

music! music! music!

azure ray – dream pop at its dreamiest
hellogoodbye – makes me want to dance around the room
nerina pallot – makes me wish i could sing and play the piano like her
amelie ost – makes me weepy and nostalgic and romantic
my wake me up songs – love is waiting, my favourite book, knowing there is only now, long walk home, sofia, grateful, we are all in the dance

lack of sleep

for some reason, i am more alive and productive and adrenaline-y when i haven’t got any sleep. but then after a few hours, i will surely crash into oblivion. so i should enjoy this while it lasts

the truth shall set you free

i took a big step last friday in admitting something to someone, although it was somehow under duress. but i havent done that in a long time, and it feels so liberating. and i am enjoying the “perks” that come with finally being open about it. let’s just hope i remember the rules and not overthink and overanalyze things. right, luv?

paris je t’aime

come hell or high water, i am going to watch it tonight. i swear, if anyone gets in my way, i will get so freaking pissed they won’t know what hit them. as feist so aptly put it, nous sommes tous dans la danse

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just some questions running through my head

when will you ever look at me the way i want you to look at me?
when will you ever see the you that is reflected in my eyes?
when will my feelings for you stop fluctuating every other day?
when will you ever admit that you know what i said a few days ago?
when will the fascination with things i know are out of my reach stop?

and when will i start to finally ask these questions to your face?

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of boys and beaches

i’m heading to the beach tomorrow for the first time in 8 years

yes, i know i’m a loser. but somehow, the opportunity has never arisen before or i was just too broke or too lazy to arrange something with anyone. but the curse is going to be broken tomorrow morning as the whole office flies off to boracay, hopefully without carrying a single thought of work with us

which brings back memories of the last time i was at the beach. i don’t remember exactly when (sometime around 8 years ago) or where (somwhere in between baguio and manila) or what happened (except for the pictures that i have)

but i do remember the feeling of excitement that i carried with me going to the beach and then the hopelessness that i took back with me to manila

for me to tell you the story of the guy i was hopelessly in love with at that time and how he subtly and gently let me down (i refuse to say broke my heart because fortunately, it never happened)and how we have remained good friends until now because he happened to marry my high school best friend and they have a gorgeous daughter together, would require a bottle of beer and much persuasion on your part

for me to tell you the story of another guy who took those wonderful pictures of me and who happened to break my heart into a million pieces years later and how we have remained civil and sometimes a bit friendly in spite of everything that happened, would require three bottles of beer, rum coke and a little bit of persuasion on your part (if i’m not yet drunk out of my mind)

for me to tell you the story of what i was thinking when i was looking out to sea (which was when will i ever find someone i can love and who will love me in return, which unfortunately is still the question in my head every other hour of the day) would require a cup of coffee and a willing ear

and for me to tell you why i associate beaches with boys and hopeless longings, would require an analysis of hollywood movies influence on my life and a brief analysis of my psyche

here’s to new memories of new beaches (and just maybe, new boys)


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Hi, just call me Ed

During the four days that we stayed in Cebu, and having visited almost 10 different coffee shops, not once did the baristas get my name right.

It was always, “Coffee for Eda/Ed”

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t find it annoying. I actually found it endearingly amusing

Here’s to you Cebu. The next time I visit, I hope it won’t be for work, but for fun. I look forward to exploring you leisurely and thoroughly (okay, that didn’t sound like it did in my head. but, you get my point)

And the next time I visit, may I take real pictures instead of taking snapshots of lamppost banners for clients (hence, the picture here)

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Another one bites the dust

Things I learned/realized before, during and after my friend Trixie’s wedding
(Sorry Jacs, borrowed your format…)

1. Do not decide at the last minute what you’re going to wear. Otherwise, you’ll end up scrambling through your limited wardrobe and texting colleagues at 1 in the morning to find out what goes with a floral blue skirt. And especially when you’re emceeing the reception.

2. Again, don’t cram for a gift. You will end up buying stuff they probably would not need.

3. Don’t agree to emcee the reception unless you really really love the person asking you to do it. It’s not an easy task. And don’t you always make fun/criticize emcees? Karma is a bitch.

4. Don’t wear shoes that you know from previous experience makes you slip. And not when it will strike at the most inopportune times. Like when you’re holding your laptop.

5. Speaking of laptops, don’t volunteer your laptop to be used for playback at the reception. No matter how cool you think it is to be carrying a laptop while wearing formal wear, it is still uncomfortable, inconvenient and darn heavy, especially when you’re forced to commute afterwards.

6. Stop staring at your friend’s/the bride’s older brother who was your first ever high school crush and stop blushing everytime he tries to talk to you. Remember, he’s married with 3 kids even though he still looks darn good. And don’t forget that he knows how you felt during those days when you used to write your name with his surname.

7. It’s only in movies that you actually meet someone interesting and with potential at weddings. In real life, you actually don’t meet anyone. And you don’t want to meet anyone after you’ve made a fool of yourself while emceeing the reception.

8. For the nth time, don’t cram when writing your script for the reception. Otherwise, please see numbers 3 and 7

9. Pat yourself on the back for actually feeling happy for your friend instead of wailing and complaining over the fact that you’re not in a relationship.

10. Don’t hold back your tears when you see your friend walking down the aisle or when they kiss as they’re declared husband and wife or when you hug her and realize she’s actually married. Otherwise, you’d end up bawling your eyes out when you get home. Less embarrassing but more painful


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