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Things I’m Loving Right Now (aka My Addictions)

in no particular order

1. The moment when I’m the first person in the office and I can lie on the pink bean bag and listen to my songs of the day wholeheartedly, with eyes closed and a silly/sad/ecstatic grin on my face

2. Standing immobile under the showers for a few minutes and just letting the water rush over me after an intense workout or at the end of a hot and stressful day

3. Me tickling Lola and then her pinching me and exclaiming how “tabachingching” I am already.
She’s the only one who can get away with that.

4. Devouring books at the most unusual times and places, like waiting for the bus in Kamias, standing in line at the bank, waiting for the bus to fill up, in the middle of the work day when my head can’t take it anymore, waking up unexpectedly in the middle of the night. And yes, I devour books like there’s no tomorrow

5. Arranging, rearranging, manually editing my song titles and info in Itunes. Goodbye winamp

6. Looking for and downloading old and new TV commercials and music videos from Youtube and iFilm. It’s addictive I tell you. I get inspired. I am thoroughly amused. And the old videos are truly nostalgic. It’s addictive I tell you. Now if only we could come up with ads as great as these

7. Having non-sensical and silly YM conversations that may or may not contribute to my development as a person

8. The smell of the different Body Shop bath gels. And the smell of the shampoo and soap at Planet Infinity. And the smell of my faux Light Blue perfume from Bench

9. Internet window shopping and then the day when I actually buy something and they actually deliver it to my office and then unwrapping it and then showing it off to everyone. Again, addictive

10. Watching crime procedural shows (CSI, Bones, Law and Order, Without a Trace, Medium) with my brother and then discussing them in a serious but fun way, like which actor has guested in all of the above, or how yummy the autopsy is, or how realistic that particular case is

Now, tell me what you love….

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one of the things i love about myself is that…

it doesn’t take much to make me happy

a nice paper bag
a kopi bun
a cup of coffee
a corny joke
seeing cristiano ronaldo’s face when i open my laptop
hearing a great song first thing in the morning (today it’s mika’s love today)
an extra 10 minute nap after i hit the snooze alarm

and im a happy camper already


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make a wish

i wish you could transport yourself here and have 10 cups of coffee with me till we’re too high to find the exit door because we’re too busy dancing and giggling about the silliest things. i miss those days

i wish i had the ability to have only 3 hours of sleep but still look gorgeous and refreshed the next morning. But then even when I had 8 hours of sleep I still wasn’t that so go figure

I wish I had enough money to decorate the little space in morato i call home. It doesnt feel like home to me because of all the furniture that’s there that i didnt choose but comes with the package. The oversized armoire, the creaky bed, the humid air, those arent very conducive to reading a book, doing a handicraft or sort or even just staring off into space

i wish i could sit for an hour or two with bono and just pick his brain. and then afterwards he would grab his guitar and sing “walk on” to me while tears silently trickle down my cheek. a hallmark emo moment

i wish i would stop falling for guys who look my way but see an empty space or guys who love to look at pretty girls or guys who are emotionally unavailable or guys who seem nice but will eventually turn out to be jerks. Okay, i’ve already ruled out 60% of the male population, and 35% have a different preference. So good luck to me!

i wish i didnt disappoint you. you put me on a pedestal and now that you think i’ve fallen, you just can’t hide your dismay and hurt huh? But you know what would make you cry even more? I love my life now. It’s not perfect but it’s a path that i’ve chosen on my own. Is it a tall order to tell you not to feel sad for me?

i wish i didn’t have to deal with anal-retentive clients. it definitely takes out the fun in doing events. i dont mind the late nights, the cramming, the thousand details, as long as i dont have someone breathing down my neck

i wish i could sit in one corner the whole day and just finish 2-3 books that are supposed to be read but are now gathering dust and sitting forlornly on my bedstand

how about you? what do you wish for at this very moment?


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cholesterol rocks!!!

i could whine on and on about anal-retentive corporation communication men and careless mistakes i’ve been making because of too much pressure from aforementioned men who are too busy covering their asses rather than trying to do a good job

but what i wanna say is…

tapa queen is positively sublime

thank you, o inventors of greasy and spicy food
you just made life a little more bearable


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i wish i could jump gracefully

but as it is, my jumping pictures are awkward and silly
but id rather jump with abandon
try it, it’s therapeutic


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i officially became an adult because i moved to a new house all by myself

i am even more smitten and feeling like a high school girl going all giggly

is the first time that i don’t have much work on my plate and that scares the heck out of me

is the first time i left the house without any earrings and bracelets and i feel a bit naked

i’ve decided to let go of a lot of things to make room for other things that previously did not have space because of too much clutter, physically and metaphorically speaking

i am, once again, seriously starting my diet (until the next time i decide to, once again, throw caution to the wind)

is the day when i wanted to post but had nothing intelligent to say, hence this post


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now if only life was really a movie…

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Cult Classic

Quirky, offbeat, and even a little campy – your life appeals to a select few.

But if someone’s obsessed with you, look out! Your fans are downright freaky.

Your best movie matches: Office Space, Showgirls, The Big Lebowski

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