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If I could make a blog/website from scratch I would do this…

Having attended Blogopolis (thanks Chuckie!) today, my blogging heart and brain have been fully awakened with so many thoughts and ideas running through them. So I thought of making a wish list of blogs I want to do, if I had more time and if I don’t start procrastinating again.

These are dreams. Highly possible but “gosh-it-will-take-a-lot-of-work” type of dreams. But very doable. So hopefully soon.

1. Group food blog with friends
Since we eat out a lot and most of us take pictures (me not included) and since we love to eat and since some of us cook really well. But there should be one section that will feature my after-eating pictures since I only remember to take pics after all the food is gone.


Green Pastures at Shang – the aftermath of my grilled cheese and tomato soup

2. Budget Travel blog
I’m tired of getting the “wow ang yaman” comment whenever people find out I’m going somewhere, especially outside the country. I am so far from rich, I just prioritize, have friends who are great researchers and organizers (Hi Ysabs and Cathz!) and I’ve eventually learned the tricks of traveling on a budget. Aside from sharing my past adventures, I also want this blog to show and help people travel as well.

At the Hong Kong Museum of Art – December 2014

3. Media literacy blog
Yes I have a pop culture blog (neglected, but existing) but writing about how to help people think more about the media they consume is another thing. The problem with us most of the time is that we just watch and listen and consume all kinds of media without really thinking about their sociological and ideological meaning, its effect on us and on other people, etc. I’d like to share what I teach at school and also what I’ve learned from preparing my lessons. But this will involve research and a lot of “deep thinking” and planning so, yeah. Just to be clear, I will not be imposing my thoughts and views, but rather how to help people start thinking and analyzing more.

4. Reading advocacy blog
This will be more than just a book blog. I have in mind research, articles, tips, interviews with experts and authors, book recommendations, etc. I do some of this for work already, but this will be a wider scope. Again, a lot of work and more planning as well.

5. Photo a day (with short poem/caption)
This would be to hone both my mobile photo and creative writing skills (both of which have been sorely neglected or maybe non-existent). This probably scared me the most, so I’d like to do it just to learn a new skill set and to conquer that fear.

Insert poem here

Other less thought out and less priority ideas
– football (but fan perspective)
– things I’ve learned from teaching
– creative news blog (news aggregator)
– short real stories (kind of like HONY but with people I actually know and seek out)

So yeah, let’s see which one of these will come to fruition in the next few months.

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