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100 Things I Love Project: #12 – “Conversations” with God (in moving vehicles)

This is an old blog entry that I wrote almost five years ago and I just wanna repost coz it still holds true today. It’s just one of the many reasons why I love commuting alone. This is also one of those rare moments when I don’t cringe upon reading an old blog entry 🙂


a lot of my most meaningful and/or earth-shattering conversations with my Father have been on public vehicles, in full view of other passengers. my theory is that because there, I have no choice but to listen because I am stuck and have nowhere to go
there was that time after my final conversation with a certain someone . i didnt cry in front of him for pride’s sake. but the moment i stepped onto the jeepney, i felt my tears and heart overflow. not caring about whether the other passengers would think im crazy, i cried my heart out to God and kept asking over and over why it had to happen that way. i didnt hear any answers, but i felt a soothing hand on my back and comfort beyond words. and even though my heart was broken and bleeding, i was being reassured that pretty soon, the pieces would mend and i would be singing and smiling again. and true enough, resiliency rears its beautiful head

then there was that time when i celebrated my birthday on a bus to Laguna. I just finished an event for a client at 1130PM on the eve of my birthday. and of course by the time the clock struck 12, i was still on that bus, waxing sentimental on the 24 (or was it 23?) years of my life. and then He whispers to me “I think you’ve forgotten me”. It dawned on me that I had been so busy trying to get somwhere that I’ve lost passion for my first love, the love that would never forsake nor condemn. On a dingy bus on the south luzon expressway, I recommited my life to Him

then there was that time on an fx ride to intramuros when i was dealing with unforgiveness. He made me realize that He died not just for me but even for the people who break other people’s hearts. And after going down that fx, I immediately called someone up and said three simple words to him, “I forgive you”. And that moment was a turning point in my battle

it was also on a bus from laguna to intramuros, when i was at a point when i was messing up left and right when i received the reassurance that no matter how many times i keep bungling work and relationships and my internal struggles, grace is always there for the taking

my point is, you dont have to be in church or at a youth camp or in the middle of worship to have life changing and momentous encounters with God. you can be in a coffeshop, in the bathroom, in the middle of doing something disastrous, on a tricycle and He can still reach you, if you just shut out the white noise and listen intently to that still, small voice

so maybe im gonna take that unplanned bus ride to somwhere ive never been. and if you happen to sit beside me, dont laugh when i suddenly burst into tears. it’s just me and my God talking


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100 Things I Love Project – #11: Early Mornings

Somehow, without my consciously noticing it, I turned into a morning person.

I used to hate, hate, hate waking up early in the morning and my brain goes into normal function mode by 11AM or so and so most of the time, I am a zombie in the morning, even after caffeination.

I dunno if it’s because of my commitment to my new job or because I am older (and hopefully wiser) or because I had to adjust to my current situation, but suddenly, mornings have become my favorite part of the day. Here are some things I love to do early in the morning

1. Cook – and yes, I can thankfully say now that I can cook beyond frying and opening cans. I love the idea that what I’m cooking can satisfy the hunger pangs of people. And if they think it’s delicious, then bonus points for me!

2. Think – of course most of my day is spent thinking about what I need to do, and so I cherish those precious moments when I can think selfishly for myself. As to what I think about, that’s a whole other post

3. Drink coffee – I usually consume coffee as a necessity, to keep my face from falling on my keyboard. But these early mornings, I drink coffee solely for the sheer pleasure of it. And that first sip of the day is just magical

4. Read the newspaper – My first job was to go through ALL the newspapers and cut out the parts that were relevant to clients. Because of that, I started to hate reading them. But now, out of necessity and morbid curiosity, they’re on top of my everyday to-do list

5. Read a few chapters of my current book – These early mornings are the only chance for me to catch up on my backlog of books-that-I-bought-but-I-havent-gotten-around-to-reading

6. Talk to God – I refuse to call it devotion, because I seem to always fail the “devoted” part. I also don’t like calling it quiet time, because it gives the image of a serene and peaceful moment with God. Which, most of the time, it isn’t. I may look serene on the outside, but in my head and heart, I sometimes battle it out with Him, question Him, complain to Him, but always at the end of it, I learn something new about me and about Him

How about you, what’s your favorite thing about mornings?

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100 Things I Love Project: #10 – Being a Geek

Mirriam-Webster Online defines a geek as a:

1 : a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake

2: a person often of an intellectual bent who is disliked

3:an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity <computer geek>

While I am definitely not the first, and I sincerely hope I am not the second, the 3rd is probably the closest “official” definition that I can come to, regarding my own brand of geekiness.

My own definition of geek is this: A person who likes something so much that he/she spends a lot of effort into knowing everything there is to know about said something and can rattle off a random fact, figure or trivia about that certain something to other people, whether they ask for it or not. (so maybe that’s why Mirriam-Webster came out with the 2nd definition of geek)

I, for one, revel in my geekness. Just some random facts about my different geekdoms

* I’m such a Tolkien geek that I once convinced my then-boss (who was also an LOTR fan) to host and organize the premiere of Return of the King. And I’ve read each Tolkien book at least more than 3x. I still have not reached the level of geekness that some people are in (speaking and writing in Elvish, knowing ALL the Middle Earth names and naming their children after Middle Earth characters, having role-playing games, etc) but among my “normal” friends, I may be the expert when it comes to the subject

* I cannot help but buy a book whenever I go into a bookstore, whether or not I’ve finished all the 20 or so books that I previously bought but have not read. I feel the books screaming at me when I go out without buying anything so I just have to. And no matter how heavy my bag is, there has to be at least one book in there or else I feel like my bag is empty

* I am such a newly-converted football geek that I spend hours just reading about leagues and clubs and players and best of lists. And since I know only 2 1/2 people who would appreciate all this knowledge, I had to create a secret tumblr site where I could share this with other football-obsessed people. And I recently discovered that most of them are around 15 years old. But who cares?

* Only a music geek would have more than 100 gigs of music that has to be manually and painstakingly arranged by artist, album, and sometimes even genre and they all have to have album covers. I thank ITunes for making this easier on me, but I still have to sometimes the urge to do it on my own

* TV shows cannot escape my geekness. Before the advent of downloading and when Channel 9 and Studio 23 were the only channels that showed quality, foreign shows, I religiously followed the TV shows I put in my planner. And people know that when Buffy or The X-Files was on, you cannot talk to me. Currently, I have a schedule of the date and time when I should download new eps. And friends constantly ask me for new show recommendations and downloads, and I gladly bestow my “expertise” on them

*I know random facts about movies even if I haven’t seen them yet (or at all) because I just have to say something about movies when it comes up in conversations

And yes, the way I’ve rattled on and on about my different geekdoms is proof enough that I am a proud card-carrying member of the new breed of geeks

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100 Things I Love Project: #9 – Making Mixed CDs

Whether you’re a really good friend or just a mere acquaintance, it gives me great joy to make mixed CDs or playlists for you.

Back when it was still cassette tapes (yes children, there was life before CDs and mp3s), I would painstakingly record my favorite songs from the radio, complete with DJ interrupting the song to make some inane remark. That’s why I am eternally grateful to the Moving Picture Experts Group who apparently came up with the mp3 format, because they have truly revolutionized my life

With the advent of mp3s, itunes and CD burners, I’ve become a big fan of making playlists for those who ask for them or even if you don’t ask for it and I just feel like you would benefit from some of the songs I constantly listen to. I’m your very own itunes genius playlist; just tell me which artists you normally listen to and I can create a whole CD of similar sounding / same genre songs for you.

I also find it fun to introduce artists and songs that I love to people who’ve never heard of them before. I’m not one of those elitists who want to keep good music away from the masses and all to themselves.

And chances are, in my humble opinion, you would love my playlists. Unless you are a hiphop/r&b/bubblegum pop kind of person. Then you would probably throw away the CD I gave you, which is too bad, coz you’re missing out on a chance to level up your musical horizons.

So just give me a holler if you want one. My more than 100 gigs of music is not just for my listening pleasure you know

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100 Things I Love Project: #8 – Lola’s Sneak Hug Attacks

If you’ve known me for a long time, you also know how “colorful” my relationship is with my lola. Up until a few years ago, there was still a part of me that was a little bit terrified of her (partly because of an incident involving a screaming match and a knife and me running around the house). Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death, but she was a pretty dominant personality. Just ask Mama and her sisters, and they have metaphorical battle wounds to show you. And my brother, oh well, you’d have to spend a day (or a week) just to hear all his stories.

So it is was with great surprise to me that our relationship began to improve the past few years. I guess it’s true what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. My moving out of our house was the catalyst for me to become the “favorite apo” here in the Philippines. My brother had his phase when he was in the seminary, so I guess we’re even.

One of the things I love most now is whenever I go home, Lola gives me sneak hug attacks, whether I’m at the sink washing dishes, or standing in front of the mirror and wondering what the heck happened to me, or i’m just sitting in the dining table aka my workstation at home. She is now very frail and bony and it’s quite scary to hug her back with all the love that I’m feeling because I’m scared I might crush her. But those short, simple hugs are just some of the most precious moments for me, because I know that she won’t be here forever.

Everyday, I am just thankful that God has given me one more day with her, whether I’m home or not.

And every sneak hug attack just fills me with so much warmth and love for the greatest grandmother in the world

So if you still have your gramma with you, give her a hug whenever you can okay? Life is just too short and grandmothers are one of God’s greatest gifts to us

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100 Things I Love Project: #7 – Peanut Butter

It’s creamy. It’s yummy. It sticks to the roof of your mouth (or if you’re like me, to the roof of your dentures). How can you not love it? It becomes even more amazing when paired with jellies of any kind; marmalade, strawberry, guava, you name it. And if you’re weird, you can even pair it with cheese or liver spread

If you are craving for chocolate, but you vowed to yourself that you shouldn’t have any more ever since you finished a pack of Cadbury in one sitting, then a spoonful of peanut butter will sate that hunger in you for something sweet.

And contrary to popular belief, it’s actually healthy and is a good tool for helping you lose weight. Well, that is if you believe Click to read all about it.

Another reason why I adore peanut butter is it brings back memories of my Sesame Street days, when I would just plop down in front of the TV. And everytime The Amazing Mumford came on, I just had to have a peanut butter sandwich whenever he performed a magic trick. And if you don’t know who he is

Thus ends my ode to peanut butter

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100 Things I Love Project: #5 – Making and Reading Lists

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Making Lists

1.  Lists are a great way of narrowing things down in an age where information is just too overwhelming at times. Ever since google and wikipedia came into being, everything you wanted to know about anything has been as easy as, well, 1-2-3. So looking at the “Top 20 ways to promote your bookshop on social networks” is helpful instead of reading a gazillion articles

2.  Lists bring order to my otherwise chaotic and constantly multi-tasking brain. On the days when a million things seem to be going on in my head and in reality, taking time away from everything and just sitting down with pen and paper (yes, I prefer making my to do lists non-electronically) is my way of de-stressing.

3. Reading other people’s lists is fun! My favorites are Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide (pop culture), The Bleacher Report (football), Kickette (girly footie stuff), (local and international pop culture), Mashable (technology and social media) and of course, The Huffington Post (anything under the sun).

4.  For a control freak like me, lists are just another way of me trying to control things around me. So yeah, lists aren’t always a good thing.

5. Lists discipline me as a writer. When I feel like running on and on about everything I know and want to say about something in particular, making a list like this, forces me to make stuff easier to understand and organize and makes things more concise.

And on that note, thus endeth the list.

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