Pop Culture Resolutions for 2013

27 Jan
Pop Culture Resolutions for 2013

A few weeks too late for the start of the year, but a few days early for when my actual New Year starts. No, I don’t mean the Chinese New Year, but…long story. Anyhooo…

  • Read at least 50 books this year. And more than half of those should be from my current book collection. I will not buy any new books until I’ve finished at least two from my bookshelf. Maybe šŸ˜› (and by the way, I’ve already finished two so yey!)
  • Watch a movie in the theater at least once every two weeks. I realized I’m not a big fan of watching in the theater because basically I hate the noisy, stupid, cellphone reading people I always have the misfortune of sitting near to. But, I have to go out of my comfort zone every once in a while.
  • Discover a new music genre. Last year’s “experiment” worked well. I now love country music, mostly because of Nashville (the TV series), and a lot of folk-country cross-over artists. This year, I’ll give hiphop another chance to worm its way into my eardrums.
  • Get rid of the physical pop culture clutter in my room. What can be scanned, will be painfully scanned. What can be thrown in the trash, will be thrown. What can be given away, will be shared, if anyone cares to add them to their own clutter. List to come up soon
  • Finally get to teach that Pop Culture subject I’ve been dreaming of. All this knowledge and insight I gain from consuming all this should be put to use. As early as now, I’m already begging our department head to give me that subject by June. Let’s see if I finally get it.
  • Less TV series (gulp) and more reading. That will be one of the most difficult things I have to do. Or it may just become easier coz a lot of the series I follow are ending and being cancelled left and right. Gah.
  • Try to consume a bit more Pinoy pop culture. This might be a bit difficult given that a lot of them are not to my taste, but hey, maybe I can discover more undiscovered good stuff out there and then I can tell more people about it.
  • Top my “concert haul” from last year (which was 6) and hopefully, one of those concerts will be outside the country.
  • Redesign the blog. Blog more. Blog more coherently. Blog deeply. So yes, this will be the year of the blog. Hopefully

What are your pop culture resolutions this year?


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