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My Pop Culture Recommendations Vol 1 2013

Because I don’t want to keep to myself all of the pop culture goodies I’ve been enjoying lately…*


The Following

If you’re a crime procedural junkie and literary geek like me, chances are you’d enjoy this new show. The basic premise is a college professor who teaches the works of Edgar Allan Poe (and kills women on the side in honor of the author) gets caught by the police. But then he starts using technology to create a whole social network of serial killers. Kevin Bacon plays the FBI agent who caught him and must now find all those other sickos. I’m not a fan of the Bacon, but two episodes in and I’m already hooked. Warning though, it’s fairly violent (there’s a scene with the woman in the police station that still makes me want to throw up) and deeply disturbing. Probably Fox Channel or Fox Crime will eventually show it locally, but if you have means of “acquiring” it weekly….

the following

Robin Nievera’s Nightmare

No, I’m not talking about actual nightmares of course. But when my resident music compass Ailene started raving about his album earlier today, I immediately downloaded it (hey, it’s free and legal!) and of course, fell in love with it. If you’re a fan of the male-troubadour-with-the-acoustic-guitar genre, then you will love this too. Click here and spread the word too!

Robin Nievera Nightmares

Streetfood Tycoon

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own foodcart business, then this will be good practice for you. This game, available in both iOs and Android is developed by Kuyi Mobile and proudly Pinoy! I might have spent 4 straight hours per day playing this game since I downloaded it last Thursday, so you might wanna hold off getting it if you dont have time to spare. But it will sure come in handy when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in line somewhere. Oh and the sounds your customers make are weird and sometimes cute (I personally love the little girls saying hi and bye)

streetfood tycoon

7th Spring Film Festival

I remember the times when I would devour these free film festivals like a chocolate bar. But since I got really busy, I’ve stopped going. Now that I’m going to have a bit of free time, this is one habit I intend to take up again. And what better way to start than with a Chinese film festival from February 1-10. I know next to nothing about the films that will be shown, but sometimes, that’s the best way to go about these free film festivals. Go in with no expectations at all and you’ll either be blown away or you’ll walk out of it halfway through. And since it’s free, then you just wasted a few minutes of your day at least. For more info, go to Click the City here


The Changing Face of Nerds and Autism in Pop Culture by Noel Murray

I’m always fascinated by any well-written book or article about geekdom and this one from the A.V Club is a brilliant doozy. The writer is both a father to an autistic boy and a self-confessed geek, and so he knows what he’s talking about. He has great insights into pop culture’s tendency to both embrace and mock the nerds and the geeks and how sometimes what they call nerds and geeks are actually more of people who have Aspergers or other autism spectrum disorders. It’s a bit of a long read, but worth it, if you’re into that kind of thing. Read it here


Stars Live in Manila on February 16

While I am also excited that Paramore is coming here on the 15th, I’m even more giddy that I’ll be able to see live one of my bucket list bands, Stars. A former officemate introduced me to their music a few years back and  since then, they’ve become my favorite Canadian import and indie pop/dream pop band. I told myself back when I was still entertaining thoughts of getting married someday, that my first dance would be My Favourite Book (especially since in my head, I would marry a fellow bookworm). That dream has since evaporated, but the dream of seeing them live is about to come true! I’ll write more about them in the next few weeks, but for more info about the concert, visit Philippine Concerts (and for other upcoming concerts as well)

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my current favorite Stars song from their latest album, The North. This is called Backlines. I dare you not to bob your head while listening and watching


*Just to be clear, I’m not being paid by any of these people/companies I mentioned

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Pop Culture Resolutions for 2013

Pop Culture Resolutions for 2013

A few weeks too late for the start of the year, but a few days early for when my actual New Year starts. No, I don’t mean the Chinese New Year, but…long story. Anyhooo…

  • Read at least 50 books this year. And more than half of those should be from my current book collection. I will not buy any new books until I’ve finished at least two from my bookshelf. Maybe 😛 (and by the way, I’ve already finished two so yey!)
  • Watch a movie in the theater at least once every two weeks. I realized I’m not a big fan of watching in the theater because basically I hate the noisy, stupid, cellphone reading people I always have the misfortune of sitting near to. But, I have to go out of my comfort zone every once in a while.
  • Discover a new music genre. Last year’s “experiment” worked well. I now love country music, mostly because of Nashville (the TV series), and a lot of folk-country cross-over artists. This year, I’ll give hiphop another chance to worm its way into my eardrums.
  • Get rid of the physical pop culture clutter in my room. What can be scanned, will be painfully scanned. What can be thrown in the trash, will be thrown. What can be given away, will be shared, if anyone cares to add them to their own clutter. List to come up soon
  • Finally get to teach that Pop Culture subject I’ve been dreaming of. All this knowledge and insight I gain from consuming all this should be put to use. As early as now, I’m already begging our department head to give me that subject by June. Let’s see if I finally get it.
  • Less TV series (gulp) and more reading. That will be one of the most difficult things I have to do. Or it may just become easier coz a lot of the series I follow are ending and being cancelled left and right. Gah.
  • Try to consume a bit more Pinoy pop culture. This might be a bit difficult given that a lot of them are not to my taste, but hey, maybe I can discover more undiscovered good stuff out there and then I can tell more people about it.
  • Top my “concert haul” from last year (which was 6) and hopefully, one of those concerts will be outside the country.
  • Redesign the blog. Blog more. Blog more coherently. Blog deeply. So yes, this will be the year of the blog. Hopefully

What are your pop culture resolutions this year?


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2013 Book #1: In The Woods by Tana French

6 days into the year and already i finished a book! Okay, technically, I just read it in one sitting, so this bodes well for me as I target to finish 50 books this year.

In The WoodsIn the Woods by Tana French has been lying around digitally for the past two years, an impulse buy since I read good things about it. And of course, I’m a sucker for brainless murder mysteries wrapped in a cheesy love story. But upon skimming through the first few pages, I realized this is definitely not my usual James Patterson/Mary Higgins Clark fare. I figured it required a bit more seriousness and thinking, so I just set it aside. Two years later, it was gathering electronic dust in my Kindle.

But after finishing Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (my 2nd best read of 2012) in one sitting too, I decided my mystery palate is ready for more “hi-brow” fare. And so I started reading on January 5, 10PM and finished four hours later. And then stared at the ceiling for an hour, just basking in the afterglow of the story. Then had disturbing dreams about its hero/anti-hero Rob Ryan. Then woke up feeling both elated and depressed when remembering how his story turned out. Read the rest of this entry »


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My Music in 2012 Part 1 – The Concerts

Just like with the other aspects of my life, my “music life” in 2012 was very colorful. Eventful in a sense that I watched a lot of mind blowing concerts, I grew to love a couple of genres that I never thought I would love (no, still not into r&b and hiphop), I discovered a lot of new music (therefore needing more hard disk space once again) and admitting that I miss actually getting involved in music


Once again, I had the opportunity to see some of my favorite international acts in concert this year. In fact, I got to cross off four bands in my concert bucket list!

2012 Concerts

Death Cab For Cutie (March 5 at NBC Tent)

This was a groundbreaking concert for me – it was the first time I watched a concert alone! That’s how badly I wanted to see a post-Zooey Deschanel Ben Gibbard and his band. And yes, I did cry and lived to blog about it.


Lifehouse (May 26 at Smart Araneta)

We had nosebleed seats and you could barely see Jason Wade and his hotness, but you could definitely hear him croon into our ears and hearts (naks). A dream come true for John, Kaligay and me, but maybe next time better seats are needed

A rare picture of me at a concert (Yep, I hate taking pics of me watching a concert)

A rare picture of me at a concert (Yep, I hate taking pics of me watching a concert)


NKOTBSB (June 3 at MOA Arena)

While I will always be a rock/alternative/indie girl, there is still that high school girl part of me that squeals at the thought of Menudo, New Kids on the Block and a bit of the Backstreet Boys. So with fellow fan girl Mica, we screamed our hearts out as our teenage selves came out to party. An added bonus: Azkals players, and most especially Coach Hans Weiss, dancing and singing along to BSB songs 😉

Couldn't find the precious photos I took, so here's Mica and me all smiles (and sweat) after the concert

Couldn’t find the precious photos I took, so here’s Mica and me all smiles (and sweat) after the concert


Snow Patrol (August 9 at Smart Araneta)

I could say that this was probably the most memorable one, partly because this was held a few days after the monster monsoon that devastated Luzon, and because Gary Lightbody was oozing with charm and appeal and of course because Snow Patrol is my 4th favorite band. Most of the people were teary-eyed when he dedicated Lifening to the indomitable spirit of the Filipinos

My poor attempt at concert mobile photography

My poor attempt at concert mobile photography


Keane (October 2 at MOA Arena)

I was slowly losing hope that I would be able to watch them, but at the last minute, two dear friends gave me and Angel tickets. Keane isn’t as bombastic or charismatic as the other artists I saw this year, but their music really speaks to me. And Tom Chaplin has this soaring, Bono-esque voice that tickles my heart

I wish I could adequately capture how pretty the lights were. This was Tom doing an acoustic version of Bedshaped

I wish I could adequately capture how pretty the lights were. This was Tom doing an acoustic version of Bedshaped


Saved Festival 2012 (October 26 at MOA Arena)

Appropriately enough, my last concert of the year was a worship concert. My friends at Becca Music once again did a great job in bringing together different artists to lead a jam-packed venue in worship. I brought with me a dear friend and it was her first time to attend a worship concert so it was such a joy to be with her there. I was only able to catch Abandon (my current favorite worship band) and The Katinas (not my cup of tea, but still great guys) though 😦 And yes, I did not have a single picture there.


My biggest concert regrets

Smashing Pumpkins (friends gave me a ticket at the last minute but I was stranded by the monster monsoon)

Wilson Philips (again, a friend gave me tickets, but then i got sick)

STING (How could I have missed this???? Oh yes, i was totally broke by then. Biggest regret of 2012 for sure)


To be continued tomorrow: My new love affair with a genre that i said i would never like (no, not that genre)


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