Wish Wednesday: My 1st Quarter Concert Wish List

01 Feb

If I had lots of money and I was not saving up for World Cup 2014, no question, I would definitely watch all of these concerts. But as it is, I would have to scratch some of them off my realistic list. Who knows, someone might read this and give me complimentary tickets and I PROMISE I will write about the concert for realz

February 14-18 – UP Fair

I haven’t been to a UP Fair since I graduated which was ____ years ago. And this year, I’m making it my goal to go to at least one of the 5 concerts. Who’s with me UP peeps?

February 15- Toro Y Moi

Probably only a few people in my circle know of him, and those few seem to not be watching this, so most probably, i will go into it alone. Oh, and he (real name Chazwick Bundick) is of Filipino descent, in case you didn’t know (which I only found out a few weeks ago actually. Toinks)

February 16 – Avril Lavigne

Yes, I detest pop music, but when it comes to pop-rock quasi-punk, I’m totally in. And Avril was part of my angsty mid-20s musical soundtrack and I don’t care if my indie cred went down a few notches or if you think less of me after reading this. I wanna see my girl rock in pink! Unfortunately, I will probably miss this coz I’m helping out with a wedding the day after

February 19 – Bush Live in Manila

I refuse to acknowledge the fact that Bush is just the opening act for that other band which I loathe. So whoever likes that other band and have no idea who Bush is, maybe you’d like to split a ticket with me?

True story: Bush was the very first rock concert I watched when I was 17 and I told my parents I was going to a “school project”. Stupidly enough, I asked them to pick me up somewhere near ULTRA and so I was caught in that lie. Kids, don’t do this ever

February 29 – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Again, probably only 2 of my RLF (that’s Real Life Friends for you) listen to this band, so I will probably not watch or watch alone again. I’m just so happy that indie acts have been coming to the country the past few years and if you’re an indie music lover, you have to keep watching concerts like this to sustain these concert promoters

The whole of February – Philippine International Jazz Festival

It’s about time I rediscover my love for jazz music. I know I can’t watch all of these events, but at least 3 will do. Jazzheads, who’s with me

March 5 – Death Cab for Cutie 

THIS ONE IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE!!! DCFC is on my Top 10 bucket list bands so I absolutely have to watch them. And just thinking of them singing my favorite songs live (Your Heart Is an Empty Room, Translanticism, I Will Follow You Into the Dark, Stay Young, Go Dancing among others) makes me tear up already. SO I JUST HAVE TO BE THERE, KAY?

March 8 – The Smash Project (Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Cobra Starship, The Cab)

Yeah I know, you might say they’re a bunch of whiny emo dudes, but hey, Chris Carrabba (Dashboard) is one of my forever crushes so I don’t care. I might probably have to buy expensive tickets to avoid being stuck with the sweaty, whiny emo black (dress, not race) kids. Eeewww. I am half-kidding. Or not

April 21 – Planetshakers and Israel Houghton 

2012 seems to be another great year for international worship and CCM artists to be coming to Manila, thanks to awesome concert organizers like my good friends at Becca Music! There will be more announcements  as the year goes on, but trust me, it’s gonna be exciting! So April 21 is the earliest concert and it’s already a doozy!


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2 responses to “Wish Wednesday: My 1st Quarter Concert Wish List

  1. Najee

    February 2, 2012 at 1:57 pm


    Hahaha! Thank youuuuu!

  2. anglesinasphere

    February 11, 2012 at 2:48 pm


    i want to see all of the artists in your list too! well except for avril; i’m not really into her music. and planetshakers — don’t know who they are 🙂 hehe.. and wow, Toro and PBPH are also coming to Manila? that’s great! ahhh.. but i don’t think I can see them as well 😦


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