Wish Wednesday: My 2012 Pop Culture Goals

11 Jan


I know I’m 12 days late in posting this, but it is still January so it doesn’t matter. And while my life goals (I still refuse to use the word resolution although we all know it’s the same banana) are still under construction (the umbrella words being MOVE and WRITE more), at least these things I’ve already formulated

1. Write (not just microblog) what I consume – If you know me, you know I consume pop culture like I consume chocolate, and yet, after I eat them, then what? I should put down what these things have contributed to my life and how it can help (or not) other people’s pop culture education. This one also means BLOG MORE!

2. Don’t just amass, but actually consume – Again, if you know me, I hoard books, music, TV shows, movies, comic books, links to stuff, etc. But most of them, I actually don’t read/listen to/watch. So this 2012 I should be able to:
– Read at least 20 books from my backlog of 2 bookshelves
– Listen to at least half of the 100 gigs of music on my Mac
– Watch at least 1/4 of the 300+ movies I’ve “acquired”
– Read all the links I’ve favorited on Twitter or put on Instapaper and Read Later

3. Try things out of my comfort zone – I always tell my students to do this, but I seldom do it because I’ve been so used to my kind of pop culture. But for my personal growth and to maybe discover new things to love, I will try to
– listen to hiphop (not r&b, tried that never liked it)
– watch local shows (not soap operas, i dont think that can contribute to my growth)
– watch documentaries that are not mainstream
– read Christian fiction (apparently there are really good ones out there)
– go to gigs of local indie bands i know nothing about

4. Finish the two remaining books of A Song of Ice and Fire so i can move on to other things – I think I purposely read it slowly because I’m so Invested in the world of Westeros that I cannot imagine life without me reading it to and from work and while drinking coffee after a hard day’s work. But I do have to explore other worlds eventually, so I have to end my love affair with Jon Snow eventually. Well, until the next book that is.

5. Lend stuff to other people so i can share my passions with them – but only to people I trust will give them back coz I’ve lost countless books, comic books, dvds to friends who either end up not being friends anymore or have gotten temporary amnesia with regards to stuff they borrow

6. Start on that pop culture scrapbook/magazine I’ve been planning – and I do mean an actual honest to goodness scrapbook, not an app. Why? Coz I’m a geek like that

7. Get out more – My gadgets should not be my world. There are movie theaters to go to, stage plays to see, concerts to watch, libraries and museums to explore, yadda yadda yadda. And that means talking to actual people too right? Sigh

So what are your pop culture resol….I mean goals this year?

*This is my first ever blog post that I typed on Arya Stark aka the ipad2


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2 responses to “Wish Wednesday: My 2012 Pop Culture Goals

  1. Moks

    January 13, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    5 – I have your perks of being a wallflower! may iba pa ba akong hiniram? =p

    6 — Why not an actual digest that people can read/get stuff from? šŸ™‚

    7 — plays! plays!

  2. Peanut (@Skushno)

    February 22, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    I love that you want to lend books! I’d love to be your friend! šŸ™‚


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