Belated Wish Wednesday: My Material (non-grown up) Christmas Wish List

24 Nov

(yes, let me be clear that these are material wishes, and so I don’t want to hear any “Tsk tsk tsk, Christmas isn’t about gifts blah blah blah”. As they say, wishing is free, and these are things that I wish to have someday, not necessarily as gifts. And yes, I am defensive)

(oh, but if I do receive any of these as gifts, I will be much grateful of course)

D&G Light Blue

I HATE perfumes. They make my nose all itchy and if I haven’t eaten anything that day, they make me nauseous. But the moment I smell that citrusy aroma of Light Blue, my bad mood immediately evaporates. But because I’m a cheapskate when it comes to certain purchases, I only buy myself this once in a blue moon.


It doesn’t have to be that uber expensive Cambridge satchel thingamajig. I bought my one and only for 800 bucks in Cole Vintage and it has become my current favorite. It can be both formal and informal that’s why I love it. I wouldn’t mind having two or three more of those babies

Lost Complete DVD Box Set

While I do have all the (barely legally obtained) episodes, it would still be awesome to have a complete set, complete with all the behind the scenes, easter eggs and bonus features. And it would be much easier to go through my favorite episodes whenever I feel, uhm, lost

Record player/phonograph device

Or whatever the modern term is nowadays. Although collecting vinyls is a bit expensive, nothing beats listening to records in their purest form. Plus, I like the scratchy sound it makes before each song. It brings back memories of listening to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Glenn Miller, etc on those “ancient” devices

Nestle Nespresso Machine

But before I get one, I have to make Nestle Philippines swear on their founders’ grave (not literally of course) that they will never run out of the coffee capsule thingamajigs, because otherwise, this machine will lose its sense and purpose

Hard-bound copies of the following book series (Most of these I have in e-book and actual book form, but the hard-bound ones would look really nice on my future bookshelf)

  • A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Complete works of JRR Tolkien
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • The Millenium Trilogy
  • Complete works (so far) of Margaret Atwood
  • Percy Jackson series

And in the very far future…my ultimate wish is of course to have my own, personal, private library with kick-ass shelves and all kinds of comfy seats, cushions, beanbags. It should also have an awesome surround sound system, with my aforementioned phonograph and nespresso machine. I would probably never leave that room.

What’s on your material non-grown up Christmas list?

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One response to “Belated Wish Wednesday: My Material (non-grown up) Christmas Wish List

  1. graceaddict

    November 24, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    I can help you on the Vinyl set up. There are cheap deals for players online, as in really affordable. The catch here is to (eventually) get a speaker system that will produce the sound that gives the vinyls justice. But initially the set-up is quite affordable.


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