Wish Wednesday: My Commuting Wishlist

16 Nov

Admittedly, i turn into a different creature when I’m in the MRT and whenever i see commuters behaving abominably or stupidly. So since, as they say, it’s free to dream, here are my wishes that someday might actually come true

I wish women would become more patient, considerate, polite, or even just plain human in the MRT during rush hour. No pushing, shoving, screaming, hair-pulling (yes, i did see that once)

I wish people would not hog the poles in the MRT because for vertically challenged people like me , it’s our only lifeline

I wish people actually know and honor the “keep right” principle because not every place is a one way street. Everyone’s lives would be a tad easier if we all kept right. Promise

I wish people who ride the shuttle (or bus or jeep or any public vehicle) would not talk loudly on the phone or to each other because we don’t need to know all the gory or boring details of your lives and some of us would just like to sleep or rest our ears

I wish people would actually follow the walk/do not walk lights (what are they called anyways?) when crossing the street. Unless you’re in a medical emergency,you can wait a few seconds or even minutes. And yes, it’s for our safety right? And if you get run over coz you didn’t follow, whose fault is it again

I wish pedestrians who violate rules would also be ticketed and fined. Para fair lang sa drivers diba?

I wish people who are behind me in the escalator, in the MRT ticket line and turnstile, would respect personal space. I dont want to smell what your last meal was

What are your own commuting wishes?

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Posted by on November 16, 2011 in wish wednesday


One response to “Wish Wednesday: My Commuting Wishlist

  1. Liee

    November 17, 2011 at 8:28 am

    I wish people would actually line up when entering the train, especially if it’s an empty train. I wish they’d stop pushing.

    I wish they’d keep the passive-aggressiveness to themselves.

    I wish they won’t skip trains (plural!) and have the number of passengers waiting on the platform balloon to ridiculous numbers.

    I wish there’d be more trains.

    I wish we had a real train system. An interconnected one.

    I have a few more things to wish for, but they escape me at the moment. For now, those are my commuting wishes.


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