Wish Wednesday: Social Media Edition

31 Aug

Twitter Wishes

I wish people would stop begging celebrities to re-tweet them

…and that celebrities would actually stop re-tweeting them (unless there’s an actual cause involved)

I wish some people would not retweet everything that was tweeted to them, unless it was really funny or interesting. There’s a reason why there’s a @ reply function

I wish media outlets would verify their sources first before tweeting for the sake of being ahead of all other media outlets

I wish Twitter trolls would just go away and do something meaningful with their lives instead of wasting hours just trolling and spreading hate on people they disagree with

Facebook Wishes

I wish brands and products would stop making contests where the way to win is to get the most likes (it’s actually not allowed by Facebook, in case you didn’t know)

and I wish my friends would stop begging me to like their pictures, especially if they’re not that likeable

I wish Facebook had a filter where you could automatically hide stupid and useless posts

I wish people would use Facebook to

… actually say something meaningful that can inspire others

… start meaningful discussions that might sometimes lead to a few disagreements but at least will make people think instead of just accepting everything like robots/zombies

…inform others about things they normally wouldn’t find out (because they don’t read newspapers or even websites anymore)

…share new discoveries, new joys, new creative ideas

….instead of just heaping hate, misery, cruelty to other people

Google+ Wish

I wish more of my friends would actually go there so I can just check Facebook every once in a while na lang

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One response to “Wish Wednesday: Social Media Edition

  1. Iris

    September 1, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    I agree with your Twitter wishes. Hay naku, celebrities will forever be a slave to their fans whims! I’m actually tempted to unfollow some of them already.

    And sorry because I don’t think I can make the google+ transition. it’s just too complicated for me. haha, yeah i know. nasanay na kasi. so the most i can do is +1 your posts =)


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