Top Ten Thursday: Things I’m Looking Forward To In The Next Few Months

21 Jul

1. Work (yes, work!)

Yes, I am one of those people who actually likes, no, LOVES my job and the people I work with. Our new fiscal year has just started and there are lots of changes and new plans so it really is an exciting (and tiring) next few months for our team and the whole company. But I consider it such a privilege to be a part of this company/ministry

2. Someone’s coming home!

One of my best friends who has been away working in another country for years will finally be relocating back to the Philippines with her husband. And even though it’s a few more months, I already am looking forward to the loads of coffee we will consume while having hours of non-sequitur conversations

3. The new football season this August

As much as I love the sudden popularity of football in the country, I have badly missed my English Premier League and La Liga. My EPL team Liverpool is poised for a top 4 comeback with all their brilliant new signings while my 2nd team Arsenal doesn’t seem to be signing anyone so we may yet see another car crash season. Over in Spain, Barcelona will try to fend off a resurgent Real Madrid. And what of my favorite player who plays for a team that I don’t like? I can only hope that Nando will finally be able to go back to his scoring ways.

4. Continuing this DAD110 class then looking forward to a new class next semester

While it is very frustrating at times (for reasons I cannot elaborate here but you can ask me privately), I still am excited about sharing what I know to these young minds and hopefully making an impact on them (even one or two students who will learn a thing or two from me is a success in my book). And next semester will surely be another interesting one with a new class and a new subject to teach.

5. Young Pro Forever 

This is a group (of course that’s not our final name yet!) that was started by our church (Joy Christian Fellowship) and The Church at Better Living wherein young professionals gather once a month to learn from each other and share our issues about being Christians in the workplace. It’s been a while since I have “voluntarily” met new people and this seems like an interesting bunch of people.

6. Reviving my blogs (yes, it’s plural)

While this blog is more about pop culture, I still have other more specialized blogs that I would like to revive and constantly update. I write for my job everyday, but still I know I need to write for myself too and for my other interests. What inspired me to be more active again is the Christian Bloggers Fellowship that I attended earlier this week, It’s nice to meet “young” people (relatively speaking of course. haha) who are passionate about writing and sharing their faith through blogging and social media.

7. Azkals v Kuwait, 2nd round of the World Cup Qualifiers

The win over Sri Lanka in the 1st round was historic and a dream come true for long-time Filipino football fans and new Azkals fans. But the former know that Kuwait is an altogether different opponent and the latter have to prepare themselves for heartbreak since Kuwait is ranked 50 places above us in the FIFA rankings. But through wins and losses, through scandals and smear campaigns, through crappy Ticketword selling and scalpers galore, I will support our boys no matter what

8. The new US Fall TV season 

Almost all my favorites from last season will be back this August: Fringe, The Good Wife, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Community plus all the police/mystery/crime procedurals I devour. And of course there are new shows to fall in love with. So goodbye night time productivity!

9. Blockbuster movies that have the potential to be great movies and hopefully will not disappoint

The Immortals featuring soon to be Superman Henry Cavill playing my favorite Greek demi-god Theseus. The Dark Knight Rises featuring my current favorite director Christopher Nolan and his usual cronies. The Amazing Spiderman featuring one of my die-hard crushes Andrew Garfield and girl crush Emma Stone. Cowboys and Aliens. Raven. The new Underworld movie. Etc etc etc

10. Going through my reading backlog

I’m not even gonna tell you how many books I’ve bought that I still haven’t read (let’s just say that it’s almost half of all the books in my 2 1/2 shelves at home). But I’ve already scolded myself about wasting all those good books and so I am finally gonna go through all of them by making a scheduled reading program. And I also am finally going to continue databasing my books and putting borrowers’ cards on them because yes, I am going to share this database and allow close friends to borrow them because what good are books if they just sit idly on my shelf?


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One response to “Top Ten Thursday: Things I’m Looking Forward To In The Next Few Months

  1. Donna

    August 26, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Hi Ida, we at are trying to contact you regarding the WTJ awarding and movie screening on August 31, Wednesday.

    NEW PLAN: Special screening of the much-anticipated comedy ‘Bad Teacher’, starring Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake!

    NEW DATE: The new schedule is August 31, 2011; Wednesday -Registration starts at 3pm.!

    VENUE: Head to Cinema 2 of the Rockwell Power Plant Mall, the Juice team will be waiting for you outside the door!

    Please check your email for more details of the event.

    To confirm your attendance kindly notify me at or 501.3777 loc 123 / 09274446760


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