Music Monday: My Top Albums of 2011…So Far

27 Jun

In this day and age (I seem to use that phrase a lot. Anyways…) where downloading songs, whether legally or illegally, is as simple as ordering at Jollibee, it’s quite easy to fall in love with songs.

Liking whole albums however, is slowly becoming a lost art. We can just choose which songs to listen to and skip the ones that either put us to sleep or we strongly dislike.

So when I find an album that I want to listen to over and over again, no pressing of the next button, then I just treasure that. And since we’re halfway through the year, here are some of my favorites, in no particular order. (Click on album covers or fave songs to watch/listen to youtube links)

Adele – 21

I said no particular order, but hands down, this is my absolute fave so far. I fell in love with her in her debut album, 19, and I’m glad that a lot of people are discovering her now. It is my most fervent wish that she comes her for a concert soon. Fave Song: Set Fire to the Rain

Bon Iver – Bon Iver

Another brilliant sophomore album. I’ve been listening to it for a few days only, but I feel like I’ve known it for more than a year. He makes melancholy sound so melodical and sexy. Fave Song: Calgary



Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

They’re still considered 2011 right, since they released it early January? Another album that is on constant rotation in my playlist. And for this week, they’re dictating my playlist. Their soundtrack-ready rock songs have found a special place in my musical brain. Fave Song: Finally Begin

The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

The guys over at Relevant kept raving about this power duo even before the album’s release. And once I got to listen to the album finally, I understood the hype. Boy-girl bands are my thing of the moment, and they fit beautifully in this mode. Fave Song: My Father’s Father

The Decemberists – The King is Dead

Wasn’t bowled over by The Hazards of Love, but with this album, I finally understood the appeal of their folk-country-rock vibe. Fave Song: All Arise


Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys

I know a lot of fans and critics didn’t like it, but DCFC is one of those bands that I will never break up with, no matter what. And I enjoyed this whole album, so I don’t really care if this won’t make it to most critics’ year end list. Fave Song: You Are A Tourist

Radiohead – King of Limbs

Radiohead albums are an event in themselves. Their songs are not about catchy melodies or memorable lyrics, but creating an atmosphere in which the listener can just inhabit and drown in it. And this album is no exception. I only wish it had more than 8 songs. Fave Song: Morning Mr. Magpie

Taken By Cars – Dualist

I used to stalk these guys back when I still had the power to get them for events. And while I don’t have that power anymore, they still have the same thrall over me, and this 2nd album has just cemented them as one of my fave local acts. Fave Song: Unidentified

Hillsong United – Aftermath

I haven’t listened to Hillsong United for some years now, coz I felt like I outgrew them already, spiritually and musically. But this studio album caught my attention and later on my heart coz it was just so musical and well thought of. But most importantly, it spoke to my soul, to where I am now in my faith journey. Fave Song: Nova

So, what are your favorite albums so far?

I’m discovering new music coz of All Songs Considered, Paste Magazine and Relevant Magazine, so I’m looking forward to adding more albums here

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One response to “Music Monday: My Top Albums of 2011…So Far

  1. morks

    June 28, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    I’m not much of an album lover, and I’ve only appreciated it recently. Among the (rather pop) albums that I like is Switchfoot’s Hello Hurricane and Just Go With It’s OST. Sobrang hindi ako updated when it comes to albums talaga, puro singles lang ako. Hehe. But you know what, I learned about other artists too bec of you =) Like Kings of Convenience and Snow Patrol. Sobrang tagal na nun! hehe.


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