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Wish Wednesday # 4

I wish there were an extra two hours to a day, just so I can read all the sites that I bookmarked and all the tweet links that I favorited.

I wish that our city had a public library that has all the latest fiction titles, really useful academic books and non-fiction books that are not just self-help crap. Oh, and that you’re allowed to drink coffee while reading.

I wish that I would find that little spark in my students’ imaginations and creativity that would cause them to be suddenly interested in writing

I wish the football season was back on again. I still love tennis (although it gets boring at times), but nothing beats the excitement of rushing home every Saturday night to watch a “live” game on my TV

I wish I had a Kindle. No need for explanations. I just want one. Now na

I wish Justin Vernon/Bon Iver could sing me to sleep every night. I mean, he’ll be sitting by my bed playing his guitar or piano just for me

I wish I can watch the 30 Seconds to Mars, Incubus, and Kylie Minogue concerts without having to spend a single peso 🙂

I wish it would stop raining on my way to work tomorrow and just resume when I’m actually in the office

I wish and pray that I will never get tired of asking questions about my God and my faith and my church because the journey is taking me to intellectual and spiritual places that I’ve never been before. And I’m discovering that my God is even more complex and wonderful than I could ever imagine



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