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Top 10 Tuesday: Things I Learned On My 1st Day of Teaching

1. Preparing the lesson is fun. Actually teaching it is another matter.

2. Most 18 year old boys are really like most 16 year old boys.

3. Some students can still surprise you with the answer to “What’s your favorite movie?” Being John Malkovich and Lords of Dogtown are not the usual answers of 2nd year college students.

4. Apparently, most private colleges now have projectors in their classrooms. Meaning, my students don’t have to suffer from my unreadable handwriting.

5. 4 1/2 hours can be both the shortest and longest hours of your life.

6. Requiring students to do stuff you hated doing when you were a student is not some sort of karmic retribution. It’s a thing called the cycle of life.

7. Apparently, not everyone knows what foursquare is. *brings out my social media for the uninformed powerpoint presentation*

8. Putting names to 27 faces is not as easy as it seems. Nameplates might be needed soon.

9. My biggest challenge will be to teach writing to kids who either have no interest in writing or who think that writing doesn’t play any part in their future.

10. I did not respect my teachers enough. One class in and already I realize how tough it is. I sincerely apologize for thinking that it’s easier to mold college minds. It is not

*Disclaimer: I really am excited to embark on this adventure. I’m just having to readjust my spectacles


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