Top Ten Thursday: Things I’m Gonna Do in Boracay

26 May

I’ve been to Boracay four times already but 75% of that has been spent working, so I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed the island the way it should be enjoyed. So in less than 24 hours I’m finally going to have a 4 day full-fledged Boracay vacation. So here are the ten things I plan to do. And no, it doesn’t involve any water activities or cam-whoring of any sort

1. Spend quality time with my delightful best friend (Karla) and her charming husband (Pat)

Well, they’re basically the reason I’m going there anyways, so most of my time will be spent chatting the night away. Topics that are probably gonna come up: my lack of a lovelife, football, teaching brats English, books, politics, geeky scientific stuff, and when am I gonna visit them in Japan

2. Get a massage by the beach

Every Boracay experience has got to have this

3. Wake up really early and read a few chapters of my books, sitting in a barca lounger by the beach, and drinking my staple coffee. And not think about how this is just gonna happen for 3 days. Sigh

4. Watch the UEFA Champions League Finals at 230AM. There will probably be a couple of bars that will show this live, given the number of Europeans there, so this should be fun. What will make it more fun is that Pat and I are cheering for opposing teams. Visca Barca!

5. Eat

6. Bring my trusty (and dusty) notebook and actually write down some stuff. It’s been a while and my journal writing skills are rusty. Where better to write than on a beautiful island

7. Be on the lookout for Azkals. Read some tweets that some of them might be there this weekend. Squee

8. Spend some quality time with God, in the midst of the beauty of His creation. Sounds corny, but oh so true.

9. Drown myself in my beach playlist (which is currently at 162 tracks and counting). This will probably be the last time I’ll be able to listen to it since summer is officially over by tomorrow.

10. Oh yeah, maybe I should get a little swimming done eh?

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