(Belated) Music Monday: Maroon 5 is Love

23 May

I can’t say I’m a really die-hard fan of Maroon 5, although I do know each song in Songs About Jane, half the songs of It Won’t Be Soon Before Long and then about 2 songs in Hands All Over. But I wanted to see them live, but had no intention of watching it from the Bronze section (otherwise known as the “watching live concerts from the video screen” seats)

But since I’ve already shelled out a lot of money to watch Anberlin, Whitest Boy Alive, Radio Department and Switchfoot in the last few months, I really had no means to actually watch it. Until a very nice girl suddenly gave me and my officemate/concert partner, free Gold B tickets. Now, that’s what I call a real blessing

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I was convincing myself that I was going “for the music”, but the moment that Adam Levine stepped on stage, that resolution flew out of the SMX Hall. Man, he was hotness personified! We couldn’t help but scream like fangirls. I think all of the women there (plus a sprinkling of men of course) couldn’t help but be mesmerized by his swagger and charm.

But lest you think we only spent the entire night staring at his tattoos and biceps, the music was unexpectedly and surprisingly tight and awesome. I didn’t know that Adam had some mad guitar skills. And of course James Valentine was a superb surfer dude/guitar god that night.

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My only complaint? Not enough Jesse Carmichael on the screen! Haha. He really looked adorable dancing in his own geeky, dorky way. And as my friend said, he really is the Paul McCartney to Adam’s John Lennon. Adam even calls him “The Professor”. And that is why I love him too.

* photo courtesy of Ed Arevalo (

Maroon 5 didn’t disappoint as they played all their “classic” (i put the airmarks, since you can’t really call them classics since they’ve had 3 albums pa lang) hits and a sprinkling of newer hits that I don’t really know. My favorites that night were Harder to Breathe, If I Never See Your Face Again, Wake Up Call, Shiver and my favorite Maroon 5 song, Sunday Morning.

We were standing almost behind the technical booth, and I couldn’t help but stare sometimes at their Lighting Director coz the lights were just superb and mesmerizing. I dunno if they brought their own stuff or if they used a local supplier, but either way, good job!

Kudos also to Futuretainment Inc and Music Management International for having one of the most organized and hassle-free concerts I’ve attended so far. And a note to all concert organizers, SMX is a good venue for concerts, not the SMX Parking Lot but the actual convention hall

And no, you will never catch me taking a picture of myself at a concert 🙂 Now if Adam or Jesse had come up to me and told me we need to take a picture together, that’s a different matter altogether

* photo courtesy of Ed Arevalo (

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