Movie Monday: Rio and Thor

02 May

Even though I am a movie fanatic, my schedule and where I actually live (just on the outskirts of Manila) prevent me from watching movies very often. So it is a rare treat for me to actually watch not just one, but two movies in a week. And I’m not talking about sitting in front of my computer watching a movie: I actually watched in an actual movie house. Hurrah!

The first one was accidental. I came from a doctor’s check-up and had a few hours to kill before our Bible Study. And because I was too depressed from my doctor’s verdict (soft diet and no caffeine for two weeks), I decided to watch a movie on my own. And it was a pleasant surprise to run into two of my friends and I convinced them to watch Rio with me. And as expected, we had a magical time!

There was not much hype about Rio, apart from the Angry Birds tie-up. I wasn’t expecting a Toy Story 3-esque movie since I knew next-to-nothing about the story, voice actors, etc. But what I got was a very enjoyable romp through Brazil, samba music and the not-so-subtle-but-still-effective story about facing and conquering your fears.

Some tidbits I found enjoyable

  • Rodrigo Santoro, who is one of the hottest actors around, voiced Tulio, the geeky bird scientist. Which confirms my belief that geeks are hot.
  • Sergio Mendes was the musical consultant for Rio. And any movie that has Sergio Mendes in it will automatically be awesome. And if you say that you don’t like samba, I’m gonna be like “Take that back!!!”
  • My hatred for the monkeys in Angry Birds Rio is justified and intensified by this movie. Monkeys are evilllll!!!
  • I really really really want to have my own quaint bookshop like Linda’s Blue Macaw. And I can totally relate to Linda on so many levels.
  • One of my life-long dreams is to go to Brazil in 2014 (World Cup!) and even if this was an animated film, it made me all the more excited to do so
The second film was planned (with much anticipation by them). While my friends were excited and geeking out about this, I was playing it cool because I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to blockbuster and superhero movies not directed by Christopher Nolan: low expectations. And even though it was directed by Shakespearean great Kenneth Branagh, I still wasn’t expecting much.
Wow, was I pleasantly surprised by how much I liked, and dare I say it, even loved THOR. And not just because Chris Hemsworth was all kinds of hot. (even Rene Russo had to remind herself that she was playing his mother so she wasn’t allowed to have unmotherly thoughts about him)
You don’t really expect deep storylines or a groundbreaking script from movies like this, so why not just enjoy an action film for what it is? And enjoy it we did! The 3D effects were spectacular, Asgard was beyond what I imagined, the love story angle was not blown out of proportion, the supporting actors were scene stealers, and did I already mention that Chris Hemsworth was hot? And of course, Oscar winner Natalie Portman was gorgeous, even though this was a big step down from the prestige of Black Swan.
And one of the best parts? After the loong credits roll, we got another peak at The Avengers movie and Nick Fury, which whets our appetite for that eagerly awaited superhero powerhouse film.
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