Follow Friday: 5 Things On My Online Shopping Wishlist

29 Apr

Ever since I discovered the fact that you can actually buy stuff online through the magic of Unionbank’s EON debit card, I’ve been going a little crazy buying stuff online. From jerseys to magazine subscriptions to books, I just can’t seem to stop buying things. I set aside a certain part of my sweldo just for buying stuff online

One of my new finds for online buys is, a relatively new player in the Buy and Sell Philippines industry. And so far, I haven’t had problems with my purchases. I know a lot of Filipinos still are wary over buying things, especially big purchases, online. But with the right research and of course checking the validity and the selling history of the seller, it doesn’t have to be such a scary task.

I like Ayos Dito coz they sell almost everything. From musical instruments to collectibles to cars (yes, cars!). Heck, they even have job openings!

Being the impulsive buyer that I am, my plan now is to pace my online buying. I go through stuff that I want to buy, then schedule when I want to buy them (wishing that no one buys them first). Here are the Top 5 on my wishlist…

1. Angry Birds Plushies

I just want to hug these angry birds!!! And my dream is to one day create a live Angry Birds set, like the one they did on Conan. These plushies will come in handy someday

2. Frollic Shoes

For commuting girls like me, heels are such a huge inconvenience. So I’ve grown to love these ballet-slippers-like shoes that are so comfy and can fit easily into my bag coz it’s foldy and stretchy. And I hate shopping for shoes in actual stores, so this is much more convenient for me.

3. Messi Jersey

Of course, online shopping wouldn’t be complete without my footie jerseys. I already bought a Nando and Kaka jersey from, so the Messi jersey is next on my list.

4. McDonalds and Jollibee collectibles

I think I squeed a bit when I came across this. I used to collect all the Happy Mean and Kiddie Meal toys I can get my hands on, but somehow I stopped (and the toys kinda became lame lately, I have to admit). This is a collection of toys from 1999-2001, so I got excited. Hope no one snatches this up before I can buy it.

5. MacBook Pro 13″

This one will involve a bit more saving up for, and lots of research, so it’s gonna take me a few more months. But it really is my ultimate goal this year. Hope I can find a really good deal soon 🙂

I’m sure I’ll be adding more to this list as time goes on. And someday even, I might just add a second-hand or repossessed car in that list (yeah, repossessed is all that I can afford to tell the truth. And I even have this handy guide to finding repossessed cars Although I’m still iffy about the whole learning-to-drive thing, so that might be a problem. Haha

Until then, I’ll be online shopping for other stuff.

I’m open to any suggestions about what else is good to buy online 🙂

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One response to “Follow Friday: 5 Things On My Online Shopping Wishlist

  1. Liee

    May 12, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    I have one Angry Bird from Gift Factory. I want more.

    I’ll get a Messi Argentina jersey from Adidas someday (someday!).

    That Macbook Pro… le sigh.


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