Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things I Learned from Switchfoot

20 Apr

I warned you right? Most of my posts will be about my 3rd favorite band since they will be coming here in 10 days!!!! Wooohooooo. Can you tell that I’m really excited?

Here are ten things I’ve learned in my love affair with Switchfoot

1. No matter how sappy/cheesy/corny the movie is, given the right soundtrack, you can endure it.
Case in point: A Walk to Remember or that movie that featured Dare You to Move, Learning to Breathe and You (which are 3 of my fave SF songs, plus a Jon Foreman duet with Mandy Moore)

2. Not all guy bands who cover girl songs suck. You can either be irreverent or serious or both
Case in point: Switchfoot covers Beyonce’s Crazy In Love

3. Not all rockstars’ “encounter” with policemen have to end in violence or swear words.
Case in point: A policeman forcibly removed Jon Foreman during an impromptu aftershow parking lot performance. The policeman was being an a** but Jon was too nice to actually “make patol”.

4. It’s okay to get emotionally attached to songs. You can even cry everytime you listen to it, even if there’s no reason, other than the fact that you just love a song so much and it speaks to your soul
Case in point: Learning to Breathe and You

5. Sometimes, you wish you were actually in love just so you’ll be able to sing a particular song to someone. Or that someday you’ll get married just so you can play this song during the reception.
Case in point: Head Over Heels

6. It’s okay to still like a song even though 80% of the band’s fans name it as their favorite SF song
Case in point: the ubiquitous Dare You to Move

7. It’s sad when people think that you covered a certain song by a popstar when in fact yours was the original and that said popstar borrowed it from you
Case in point: Oh, you all know what I’m talking about

8. You need not be all hymn-y and serious when writing a song about one of the most renowned faith writers of the 6th century
Case in point: Something More (Augustine’s Confessions)

9. This generation is not about just living a simple, mediocre and uneventful life. There will always be music to challenge that way of thinking
Case in point: Meant to Live, This is Your Life, American Dream

10. He loved me enough to let me go. And that’s grace and love that I will never exchange for anything else


Are you ready for SWITCHFOOT?
That’s right, the multi award-winning American band is coming to Manila this April 30, 2011! For those who missed their 2007 concert, this is your chance to watch Switchfoot LIVE for their second visit to the Philippines!

Date: APRIL 30, 2011
Time: 7.30PM
Venue: PhilSports Arena

Ticket Prices:
VIP – 3,500
Courtseat – 2,500
Ringside – 1,800
Lower Box – 1,500
Ringside II – 800
Gen Ad – 500

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One response to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things I Learned from Switchfoot

  1. Rayz

    April 20, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Nice. I totally can relate to this! HAHA 🙂


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