(One Day Delayed) Wish Wednesday

31 Mar

…in which I list down the desires of my heart every Wednesday in the hopes that I will actually do something about them…

  • Watch the SXSW or Coachella music festivals and backpack my way throughout because I would probably not have enough money to stay in a nice hotel
  • Sing back-up vocals for either Barbie, Kitchie, Acel or Julianne, not that they would ever need back-up vocals
  • Successfully catch a performer when he/she stage dives unlike that fail of a moment when Erlend Oye (Whitest Boy Alive) fell on top of me
  • Watch an El Clasico (that’s Barcelona v Real Madrid for you) in the Camp Nou and be within breathing distance of Xavi and Messi and Xabi and Sergio and Iker
  • Put up that coffee shop/library even if half the world will be already be reading books electronically and books are like rare but treasured museum pieces
  • Makapagpapicture with Aly Borromeo and Anton del Rosario
  • I retweet ng isang footballer ang tweet ko. Nung konti pa lang ang nakakaalam ng Twitter ni Phil, he did reply to me though. Haha
  • Write a book that will be published. Or even just a chapter in that book.
  • Magpunta sa beach sometime soon


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