100 Things I Love Project: #12 – “Conversations” with God (in moving vehicles)

25 Jan

This is an old blog entry that I wrote almost five years ago and I just wanna repost coz it still holds true today. It’s just one of the many reasons why I love commuting alone. This is also one of those rare moments when I don’t cringe upon reading an old blog entry 🙂


a lot of my most meaningful and/or earth-shattering conversations with my Father have been on public vehicles, in full view of other passengers. my theory is that because there, I have no choice but to listen because I am stuck and have nowhere to go
there was that time after my final conversation with a certain someone . i didnt cry in front of him for pride’s sake. but the moment i stepped onto the jeepney, i felt my tears and heart overflow. not caring about whether the other passengers would think im crazy, i cried my heart out to God and kept asking over and over why it had to happen that way. i didnt hear any answers, but i felt a soothing hand on my back and comfort beyond words. and even though my heart was broken and bleeding, i was being reassured that pretty soon, the pieces would mend and i would be singing and smiling again. and true enough, resiliency rears its beautiful head

then there was that time when i celebrated my birthday on a bus to Laguna. I just finished an event for a client at 1130PM on the eve of my birthday. and of course by the time the clock struck 12, i was still on that bus, waxing sentimental on the 24 (or was it 23?) years of my life. and then He whispers to me “I think you’ve forgotten me”. It dawned on me that I had been so busy trying to get somwhere that I’ve lost passion for my first love, the love that would never forsake nor condemn. On a dingy bus on the south luzon expressway, I recommited my life to Him

then there was that time on an fx ride to intramuros when i was dealing with unforgiveness. He made me realize that He died not just for me but even for the people who break other people’s hearts. And after going down that fx, I immediately called someone up and said three simple words to him, “I forgive you”. And that moment was a turning point in my battle

it was also on a bus from laguna to intramuros, when i was at a point when i was messing up left and right when i received the reassurance that no matter how many times i keep bungling work and relationships and my internal struggles, grace is always there for the taking

my point is, you dont have to be in church or at a youth camp or in the middle of worship to have life changing and momentous encounters with God. you can be in a coffeshop, in the bathroom, in the middle of doing something disastrous, on a tricycle and He can still reach you, if you just shut out the white noise and listen intently to that still, small voice

so maybe im gonna take that unplanned bus ride to somwhere ive never been. and if you happen to sit beside me, dont laugh when i suddenly burst into tears. it’s just me and my God talking


Posted by on January 25, 2011 in 100 Things I Love


2 responses to “100 Things I Love Project: #12 – “Conversations” with God (in moving vehicles)

  1. morks

    January 25, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    i agree, ate ida. just this morning, it happened to me. while it wasn’t like one of those “sigh-able” moments, what God chose to show me was so sharp and raw that i didn’t doubt anymore that He was trying to teach me a lesson.

    • idaflutterby

      February 7, 2011 at 10:51 pm

      I really like it that He sometimes “speaks” to us in a way that only we can understand


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