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Music Monday: The Black Keys

For someone who’s almost always updated with the alternative/rock/indie music scene, it took me a while to discover the joys of The Black Keys. And because I am very much a relevant magazine groupie, any artist that they rave about, I listen to

Pop culture has been taking notice of this blues-rock outfit, using their songs for such diverse moments, like Fifa 11, Lie to Me, a Victoria’s Secret commercial, Guy Ritchie’s RockNRolla and a whole lot of other alternative-loving TV shows and movies

So if you’re into the whole White Stripes meets Jimi Hendrix vibe, listen to them (if you haven’t yet). They’re up for several Grammys, but I’m kinda sure they won’t win coz as someone said, intelligent artists normally don’t win Grammys

So here are some of their famous songs

From Fifa 11 and The Vampire Diaries

From the Victoria’s Secret and Sony Ericsson commercials

Featured in Friday Night Lights and Zombieland

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Top Ten Thursday – Favorite Cartoons from My Childhood

Because of the explosion of that whole “change your profile pic on FB to your favorite cartoons” craze, I thought it would be just apt to list down my top ten favorite cartoons back when I was still small…err…I meant young

1. Superfriends – back when all the superheroes weren’t angsty and complicated yet, I got my kicks out of seeing them defeat the bad guys. It was all black and white then – good guys + superpowers = bad guys go to jail (or die)

2. Voltron Lion Force – While everyone was gaga over Voltes V, I preferred the more”elitist” Voltron. And I secretly longed to be Princess Allura and wished a Keith would come into my life

3. Rainbow Brite – probably the girliest and the most colorful cartoon I liked back then

4. Care Bears – to this day, i don’t know why my parents refused to buy me a Care Bear stuff toy. I had to settle for a sticker book. Why Mama, why? I think I was traumatized by the lack of a Care Bear in my life

5. Tiger Sharks – why doesn’t anyone (except for my brother) I know remember the whole Comic Strip cartoon series on Channel 9? This was my favorite back then

6. Mini Monsters – this too! Before there was Camp Half Blood, there was this. Roll on, Camp Mini Mon!

7. Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light – In my head, I was a Spectral Knight, out to conquer the Darkling Lords! Yes, my head was full of geeky fantasies even then

8. Thundercats – Probably the only time I liked cats

9. Jem and the Holograms – what little girl (and some boys too) didnt want to become a rock star like Jem?

10. Transformers – the reason why I hated the 2nd Transformers movie (and kinda loved the first one) was because it was sacrilege, given how much I loved the old 2D cartoons

And these three, I loved even though I wasn’t a child anymore

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