Wish Wednesday

17 Nov

Aside from wishing that it was already Friday, what’s the thing that you’re wishing and praying for lately? And let’s not just stop with wishing. What are small or big steps that you’re taking so that this wish might actually come true?

For me, it really is getting to travel to another country for the first time. Singapore is probably the most feasible right now, since I have friends there and it’s the cheapest. But of course the ultimate dream is Spain, for so many reasons, not just football. I’ve always been fascinated by the culture and all the pretty pictures, not to mention the gorgeous Spanish men and women. And some might say that the colonized Filipino in me should still be bitter with Spain, but I think it is that very fact that makes me fascinated with the country and the culture, because there is still a little of the Spanish in me. Oh, and did I already mention that I ADORE Spanish football players?

And the first step that I have to make: GET A FREAKING PASSPORT!!!

The second major step: SAVE MONEY! Traveling isn’t free unfortunately

So there, what is your most fervent wish this week?

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One response to “Wish Wednesday

  1. HeyNica

    November 17, 2010 at 10:46 am

    I wish to go to Spain too! I’m planning to learn how to ‘habla espanol’ next year. See you there Ids. hahaha.


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