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Manic Monday – What are you looking forward to this week?

* New Week, New Ideas – the ideas just keep churning in my head and I now have to put them down on paper, make timelines and schedules, and hopefully, they would want to actually execute them!
* Champions League games! – It’s that time of the month again where I wake up at 3AM just to catch the live matches on Balls Channel. Of course I am rooting for FC Barcelona and Arsenal (and on a smaller scale, Manchester United, for John’s sake)
My two fave Barca boys -Messi and Xavi
* Xabi Alonso’s birthday dinner – No, I’m not having an actual dinner with him, but celebrating with his number one fan here in the Philippines
Xabi approves of his party
* A surprise party for a friend – I will not say who, when or what or it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore
* 168 – I haven’t been to Divisoria since I had a “breakdown” in the middle of the cluster a few years back, so this should be fun
* Weekend movie marathon – now to choose which films from among my collection of 500+ movies. But this one is definitely included
My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die
What are you looking forward to this week?

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Top Ten Thursday: 10 Things I Learned from Misha Pallorina-Enriquez

10 Things I Learned from the birthday girl Misha

1. Sandwiches can be exciting. They’re not just limited to two pieces of bread and whatever spread is available in your ref. You can create the most delicious sammiches with just a little imagination (and maybe a recipe book if needed)

2. A hug a day can keep depression away. No matter how down you feel, once you receive an extra super duper tight hug from a friend, your day can just be a little bit brighter. And Misha gives the best, tightest hugs

3. If you’re a true-blue book lover, you don’t need a bookmark to remember where you last stopped reading. Bookmarks hurt books. So just remember the page (which I never do, hence, my books are in constant pain)

4. Don’t be afraid to contradict the norm. Express your opinions, even if you’re in the minority. Maybe people can learn something from you

5. Girls have a secret weapon to get some guys to do what they want. But I won’t divulge it here or it won’t be a secret anymore

6. Ziplocks are the bomb

7. Third world literature should be taught to high school students because it opens your mind in a way that first world classics just can’t

8. Even the most seemingly cynical and unromantic people can fall in love

9. The OMF Literature family is indeed the best and I, too, would always be protective of the product and the people

10. You can turn your life around with the all-consuming love and grace and peace that can only come from Him

Happy birthday Mish! Even though you are a few continents away, I can still feel your presence here in the office and in my life. Haha. Love you Mish


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Wish Wednesday

Aside from wishing that it was already Friday, what’s the thing that you’re wishing and praying for lately? And let’s not just stop with wishing. What are small or big steps that you’re taking so that this wish might actually come true?

For me, it really is getting to travel to another country for the first time. Singapore is probably the most feasible right now, since I have friends there and it’s the cheapest. But of course the ultimate dream is Spain, for so many reasons, not just football. I’ve always been fascinated by the culture and all the pretty pictures, not to mention the gorgeous Spanish men and women. And some might say that the colonized Filipino in me should still be bitter with Spain, but I think it is that very fact that makes me fascinated with the country and the culture, because there is still a little of the Spanish in me. Oh, and did I already mention that I ADORE Spanish football players?

And the first step that I have to make: GET A FREAKING PASSPORT!!!

The second major step: SAVE MONEY! Traveling isn’t free unfortunately

So there, what is your most fervent wish this week?

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Manic Mondays: What are you looking forward to this week?

Instead of our usual complaints about Monday being so challenging and surly and morose, let’s turn it into a Manic Monday, but in a positive way. Let’s talk about what makes us excited for the week, what things/events/places we’re looking forward to. Maybe that way, Monday can redeem itself. I’ll start, then tell me yours

  • Half Blood Prince Part 1!!! – I’ll be watching it twice this week, once with good friends and once with my family. I’m looking forward to this one coz it’s the 2nd to the last and I kinda liked the book. And so far, the reviews have been great
  • Manila International Literary Festival – although I’ve always been a big fan of books, I still have a lot to learn about the industry and so I’m looking forward to attending this conference, even for just one day
  • Lost Heroes – the continuation (sort of) of the Percy Jackson series. Since my brother finished it in one sitting, I’m guessing it’s pretty darn good
  • Football friendlies (Spain v Portugal, England v France) – as much as I now love league games, my first love would still be watching them play for country
  • Halfway through my Starbucks sticker campaign – looking forward to more peppermint mochas this week

So, what is making you manic for this week?

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