100 Things I Love Project – #11: Early Mornings

01 Oct

Somehow, without my consciously noticing it, I turned into a morning person.

I used to hate, hate, hate waking up early in the morning and my brain goes into normal function mode by 11AM or so and so most of the time, I am a zombie in the morning, even after caffeination.

I dunno if it’s because of my commitment to my new job or because I am older (and hopefully wiser) or because I had to adjust to my current situation, but suddenly, mornings have become my favorite part of the day. Here are some things I love to do early in the morning

1. Cook – and yes, I can thankfully say now that I can cook beyond frying and opening cans. I love the idea that what I’m cooking can satisfy the hunger pangs of people. And if they think it’s delicious, then bonus points for me!

2. Think – of course most of my day is spent thinking about what I need to do, and so I cherish those precious moments when I can think selfishly for myself. As to what I think about, that’s a whole other post

3. Drink coffee – I usually consume coffee as a necessity, to keep my face from falling on my keyboard. But these early mornings, I drink coffee solely for the sheer pleasure of it. And that first sip of the day is just magical

4. Read the newspaper – My first job was to go through ALL the newspapers and cut out the parts that were relevant to clients. Because of that, I started to hate reading them. But now, out of necessity and morbid curiosity, they’re on top of my everyday to-do list

5. Read a few chapters of my current book – These early mornings are the only chance for me to catch up on my backlog of books-that-I-bought-but-I-havent-gotten-around-to-reading

6. Talk to God – I refuse to call it devotion, because I seem to always fail the “devoted” part. I also don’t like calling it quiet time, because it gives the image of a serene and peaceful moment with God. Which, most of the time, it isn’t. I may look serene on the outside, but in my head and heart, I sometimes battle it out with Him, question Him, complain to Him, but always at the end of it, I learn something new about me and about Him

How about you, what’s your favorite thing about mornings?

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