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Love that Goes Beyond Dirty Dishes and Unpaid Bills

Disclaimer: No, I am not talking about a guy. Technically

I was just about to write a long, rant letter, telling you of all my resentments and frustrations of the past months and how I feel that we should re-think this whole setup that we have. I had a killer closing line even: The love that I used to feel for both of you is now turning into an emotion that I don’t dare describe yet, but it is definitely far from love.

And then I walk into the office this morning and an Angel (in both name and in other ways) told me to read the latest Deeper Walk email devotion because it’s another one of those “” entries.

And then, like a douse of cold water. it hit me big time. Let me just quote this beautiful paragraph

“This love that surpasses knowledge also surpasses all of the limits and conditions we find ourselves placing on what we love. “All the Lord’s people” is something broader and more beautiful than we can possibly grasp, and the height and depth and width and length of this love (this love that binds us), does not rest on our church building or our skin, but settles only in the deepest caverns of the human spirit.”

You are far from being a part of my “church family”, but you are family in the truest non-biological sense of the word. And as with family, you HAVE TO love them no matter what, even if things turn ugly, even if things don’t go the way you want it to go, even the most unlovable parts of us, we HAVE TO love.

Because that’s the way God loves me. Through years of stubborn-headedness and apathy and indifference and downright disobedience, He still loved me.

How dare then I deny that kind of love to you?

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