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Finding an Unseen God by Alice Britt Chloe

I am still in the process of reading one of the simplest but most beautifully written non-fiction books I’ve ever read (so far). I cannot yet fully express how much her writing has affected me, in just a few short chapters. So while I’m still not yet done, I’ll let her words speak for her first. (and yes, she was a former atheist, which makes her even more awesome)

“In many ways, it would be a relief to once again chalk these atrocities up to the human condition alone; to return to a worldview that would deliver me from wondering where God was and what prayer does. But for me, and other sincere people of faith, the tension remains.

Over the years though, I have experienced a glorious discovery. There is treasure in the tension. The struggle is a doorway. Sincerity in the quest ushers us mysteriously across the threshold and on the other side is – not answers – but knowing. On the other side is intimacy.”

Alicia Britt Chloe, Finding an Unseen God

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