Infinite is the Word I was Looking for

04 Aug

“I feel infinite”

There are songs that make you feel just that way. I will not name them because it’s different for each person and I do not want to rob you of that moment when you feel the infinity just wash over you on your own (and not because I said that that song made me feel that way)

I wish I could write to that musician or songwriter or producer and tell them that the lyrics that they wrote and the notes that they laid down made me feel infinite, if only for five minutes or so.

But then I think, they wouldn’t really care or they’ve heard that a million times before and then my memory of that song will be marred by my perceived indifference from them.

And so I’ll just breathe that thought to the universe every time I have that moment. I hope that you have at least one song that makes you feel that way

*inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower pp. 32-33

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