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Top 10 Shows That Made Me Weep When They Ended Part 1

You know me and my TV shows: the world stops when I’ve finished downloading the latest episode or if I’m in the mood for a marathon all by myself. And I read a quote somewhere that maybe he’s really in a coma, and that his favorite TV shows were the “real world” trying to wake him up from years of unconsciousness.

I feel that way a lot of times. So when a TV show that I love ends, it really is emotionally catastrophic for me. I feel like I lost a really good friend or a family member. Weeks after the show ends, I still feel like I’m in a daze and I keep going back and watching my fave episodes, all because I’m still in a state of denial. It does get better eventually, but then another favorite TV shows and it happens all over again.

Here are 10 shows that made me weep, whether they were comedy,drama or action, when they ended. In no particular order

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I spent 7 seasons telling people not to be turned off by the title because this is one of the best shows ever. Around 2 or 3 people believed me. But I didn’t care because I knew that they were missing a lot by not following Buffy Summers and her Scoobies. That final battle just about killed me, and when Sunnydale finally sunk into the ground, I knew that it was really over. Well, until the graphic novels came out. But vampires and slayers have never been the same for me

2. Lost

From the moment that Jack Shepard opened his eyes up to the last moment of the series when he…(okay I won’t spoil it coz some of you still haven’t watched), this series just captured my imagination and my brain cells. Before there was Inception, there was Lost to eff up our brains. But more than all the mysteries and plot twists, I really fell in love with each and every character, hero or villain, real or imagined. And until now, I still feel the loss very vividly

3. Friends

Yes, I’ve watched each episode of every season more than twice. Yes, I’ve also debated with myself whether I was a Monica, a Phoebe or a Rachel (in the end, I think I was more of a less funny Chandler). Yes, these “friends” got me through a real tough time in my life. And yes, the whole final episode, I was in tears and when they finally left the apartment for the last time, I bawled my eyes out.

4. Battlestar Galactica

I was never a Trekkie or a Babylon 5 or a Stargate girl. People are sometimes surprised, given my geeky nature. But Battlestar Galactica is the first sci-fi show that I followed religiously, so to speak. And for a show that is set in a different sphere than our reality, it had more insights into relevant world issues than the news and talk shows. The ending left a lot to be desired, but the journey towards that end was spectacular

5. Veronica Mars

Why can’t Americans keep intelligent teen shows like this on the air while trashy fare like 90210 and that reality show The Hills kept getting renewed? This is another one of those really good shows that were cancelled before it could resolve any of its long-standing plots and mysteries. Gone too soon, I tell you. And Kristen Bell deserves another shot at TV glory. She oozes talent from her very pores. She was the one good thing on Heroes that last season and they killed her off. Figures

To be continued….


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100 Things I Love Project: #8 – Lola’s Sneak Hug Attacks

If you’ve known me for a long time, you also know how “colorful” my relationship is with my lola. Up until a few years ago, there was still a part of me that was a little bit terrified of her (partly because of an incident involving a screaming match and a knife and me running around the house). Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death, but she was a pretty dominant personality. Just ask Mama and her sisters, and they have metaphorical battle wounds to show you. And my brother, oh well, you’d have to spend a day (or a week) just to hear all his stories.

So it is was with great surprise to me that our relationship began to improve the past few years. I guess it’s true what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. My moving out of our house was the catalyst for me to become the “favorite apo” here in the Philippines. My brother had his phase when he was in the seminary, so I guess we’re even.

One of the things I love most now is whenever I go home, Lola gives me sneak hug attacks, whether I’m at the sink washing dishes, or standing in front of the mirror and wondering what the heck happened to me, or i’m just sitting in the dining table aka my workstation at home. She is now very frail and bony and it’s quite scary to hug her back with all the love that I’m feeling because I’m scared I might crush her. But those short, simple hugs are just some of the most precious moments for me, because I know that she won’t be here forever.

Everyday, I am just thankful that God has given me one more day with her, whether I’m home or not.

And every sneak hug attack just fills me with so much warmth and love for the greatest grandmother in the world

So if you still have your gramma with you, give her a hug whenever you can okay? Life is just too short and grandmothers are one of God’s greatest gifts to us

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100 Things I Love Project: #7 – Peanut Butter

It’s creamy. It’s yummy. It sticks to the roof of your mouth (or if you’re like me, to the roof of your dentures). How can you not love it? It becomes even more amazing when paired with jellies of any kind; marmalade, strawberry, guava, you name it. And if you’re weird, you can even pair it with cheese or liver spread

If you are craving for chocolate, but you vowed to yourself that you shouldn’t have any more ever since you finished a pack of Cadbury in one sitting, then a spoonful of peanut butter will sate that hunger in you for something sweet.

And contrary to popular belief, it’s actually healthy and is a good tool for helping you lose weight. Well, that is if you believe Click to read all about it.

Another reason why I adore peanut butter is it brings back memories of my Sesame Street days, when I would just plop down in front of the TV. And everytime The Amazing Mumford came on, I just had to have a peanut butter sandwich whenever he performed a magic trick. And if you don’t know who he is

Thus ends my ode to peanut butter

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100 Things I Love Project: #5 – Making and Reading Lists

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Making Lists

1.  Lists are a great way of narrowing things down in an age where information is just too overwhelming at times. Ever since google and wikipedia came into being, everything you wanted to know about anything has been as easy as, well, 1-2-3. So looking at the “Top 20 ways to promote your bookshop on social networks” is helpful instead of reading a gazillion articles

2.  Lists bring order to my otherwise chaotic and constantly multi-tasking brain. On the days when a million things seem to be going on in my head and in reality, taking time away from everything and just sitting down with pen and paper (yes, I prefer making my to do lists non-electronically) is my way of de-stressing.

3. Reading other people’s lists is fun! My favorites are Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide (pop culture), The Bleacher Report (football), Kickette (girly footie stuff), (local and international pop culture), Mashable (technology and social media) and of course, The Huffington Post (anything under the sun).

4.  For a control freak like me, lists are just another way of me trying to control things around me. So yeah, lists aren’t always a good thing.

5. Lists discipline me as a writer. When I feel like running on and on about everything I know and want to say about something in particular, making a list like this, forces me to make stuff easier to understand and organize and makes things more concise.

And on that note, thus endeth the list.

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Infinite is the Word I was Looking for

“I feel infinite”

There are songs that make you feel just that way. I will not name them because it’s different for each person and I do not want to rob you of that moment when you feel the infinity just wash over you on your own (and not because I said that that song made me feel that way)

I wish I could write to that musician or songwriter or producer and tell them that the lyrics that they wrote and the notes that they laid down made me feel infinite, if only for five minutes or so.

But then I think, they wouldn’t really care or they’ve heard that a million times before and then my memory of that song will be marred by my perceived indifference from them.

And so I’ll just breathe that thought to the universe every time I have that moment. I hope that you have at least one song that makes you feel that way

*inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower pp. 32-33

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