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Top Ten Things That I’ve Been Learning (and re-learning) Lately

  1. Disciplining myself when it comes to viewing girly football stuff and entertainment news (during work – 15 minutes only. after work – still working on it or in other words, to my heart’s content)
  2. Cooking aka being domesticated even if I am single (spaghetti, tuna pasta, adobong baguio beans and amapalaya – check!) (sinigang, nilaga, tinola – you’re next!)
  3. Praying with other people (as opposed to me lying in bed and having conversations with God on my own turf)
  4. Tinkering on a website (html, you might just kill me)
  5. Thinking of writing for work as writing for myself too
  6. Not procrastinating (which might just kill me too)
  7. Going to a mall without actually buying anything
  8. Sleeping before 1AM (2 out of 5 times a week isn’t bad right?
  9. Riding a jeepney without smirking at the person beside me who is either speaking loudly on the phone, or whose hair is flying in my face or whose outfit is just plain weird
  10. Meeting new people (which surprisingly, terrifies me)
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