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The “100 Things I Love” Project

This is a personal project of mine, inspired by this (1000 Awesome Things), to remind myself that there are a lot of things in this world that get me going (and that the idea that “my life sucks and I have nothing to get up in the morning for” was all just in my head)

Besides, I have to learn to write coherently again. The past month has seen me tweet every other minute, but when I have to sit down and write an actual blog entry or article, I get stuck after 5 sentences (I blame you micro-blogging)

But since I love to share, I am sharing this with you, and maybe it might inspire you to love something new or to start a project like this too

I’ve always believed that happiness is a choice, and this is me, making that choice, one blog entry at a time

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Capsule Reviews of My Lonesome Movie Marathon

How did I spend my long weekend? Call it pathetic or something, but I did enjoy having a solo movie marathon. Sometimes watching movies on my own is therapeutic in its own way. So I decided to watch and re-watch a random sampling of my 300+ movie collection


The concept and the book was interesting enough: there are certain people in the world called “silvertongues” who have the power to bring characters from books into the real world. It would have been an idea made in heaven for bibliophiles like me. Unfortunately, the movie was anything but. I fell asleep in some parts and I only finished it to find out how it ended. Only two words made the movie bearable: Paul Bettany (and a cameo by real-life wife Jennifer Connely). Even the talented Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent were wasted in this movie


Before Sandra made The Blind Side, she had to star in drively shlock like this movie. Fortunately it was interesting drivel. The reviews were pretty bad, but i still found myself entertained with this movie about a woman who is confused as to whether her husband is really dead or not. And any movie that puts Julian McMahon (that’s Christian Troy of Nip/Tuck and Cole of Charmed) in a shower scene deserves my interest

Dear Zachary

To call this documentary devastating is an understatement. My eyes and heart ached from crying too much while watching it and afterwards, I wanted to eat a pint of ice cream. But more than the tragedy at the center of this film, it is also about the storytelling prowess of the filmmaker which was borne out of love, not to mention the amazing strength of the human spirit in the midst of unbearable pain. This is a highly recommended docu, just don’t read up on it beforehand so you can experience the full heart of the film

Valentine’s Day

I had to watch something brainless and funny after the depression-inducing Dear Zachary. Well at least I got 1 out of 2. For a movie that had a lot of A-list actors and a good director, they could have made a far better movie. It was occasionally funny and there were some sweet moments, but all in all, it was blah. If you want a good romantic ensemble movie, New York I Love You is waaay better. And thank goodness you’re a singer Taylor Swift, because as an actress, you were horrible!!!

An Education

New girl crush alert: Carey Mulligan! She is just mesmerizing in this coming of age tale set in the 1960s in England. It’s a quiet and simple story, but it’s Mulligan and the rest of the ensemble (Alfred Molina, Peter Skaarsgard, Dominic Cooper) that carry the film. “So, I went to read English books, and did my best to avoid the speccy, spotty fate that Helen had predicted for me. I probably looked as wide-eyed, fresh, and artless as any other student…But I wasn’t. One of the boys I went out with, and they really were boys, once asked me to go to Paris with him. And I told him I’d love to, I was dying to see Paris… as if I’d never been.”

Devil Wears Prada

I don’t think I can ever get tired of watching this movie, what with the fashion, Anne Hathaway’s transformation, Emily Blunt’s bitchiness, Stanley Tucci’s fairy godmother,  Adrien Griener’s scruffy charm, Simon Baker’s pre-The Mentalist hotness and of course Queen Meryl!!!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I hated the book and all it stood for (chicklit, which I hate with a passion) so I was reluctant to see the movie. But I finally gave in out of idle curiosity. And the truth is, I didn’t like  the movie too. It’s saving grace is Isla Fisher, who is impossible to hate. And Hugh Dancy (Mrs Claire Danes to you) is the epitome of the word dashing. So it wasn’t a complete waste of 2 hours of my life

Almost Famous

I watched this for the nth time just to prove to myself that yes, I was born in the wrong era, and yes, my dream job is still to be a music journalist. And all throughout the movie, I kept thinking “Why isn’t Billy Crudup a big star?”. He is absolutely brilliant and charismatic in every movie. But the heart of this movie is of course, music, and set against a coming of age story (the best kind of  story, in my opinion), and excellent script and direction from Cameron Crowe, it is a near perfect movie for me

Music & Lyrics

If you know me, you know that I’m averse to romantic comedies. It’s not that I’m bitter or anything (ha!), it’s just not my cup of tea. So it’s rare that I actually like one and this is one of those rare moments. And it’s mainly because of four words. Hugh Grant Dancing and Singing!!!

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The Alien in My Head

I wish there was an actual dragon I could slay, a nameless adversary I can literally stick a sword through

I wish there was an actual broken heart I could cry about, a man I can blame for all the heartache and misery that befalls me on certain days

I wish there was a thankless job I could complain about, a mean boss or useless officemates that can actually ruin my day

I wish there was a friend who cared enough to get mad at me, who called me out on my bullshit or who actually made me cry out of anger and frustration

But alas, it is just this alien creeping inside my head, whispering energy-draining thoughts into my ears, seesawing between agony and ecstasy,  making even the act of moving so difficult

And fighting with myself, without rhyme or reason, is probably one of the most difficult things I’ve done

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My Must List – week of June 7, 2010

1. Finish going through almost 15 years worth of old magazines – I don’t want to become a hoarder so I have to get rid of baggage that occupies space. And it’s fun to see old items and pictures that used to be cool, but now looks so dated and amusing

2. Carry on with scrapbooking – Have I mentioned how therapeutic it is? I have absolutely no talent in sketching or drawing so I’m relying on stickers and magazine cutouts to make my memories even more memorable

3. Watch the French Film Festival at Shangri La Mall – and the best thing about it? Il est libre! Click here for the schedule

4. Stay in a coffee shop for half a day and finish reading Joe Hill’s Heart Shaped Box – because I dare not read it in the confines of my room. I can’t remember the last time I got really scared over a book named after my favorite Nirvana song

5. Attend the “Music Moves Hearts” benefit concert

6. Immerse my ears in Broken Social Scene’s new album – Forgiveness Rock Record is as musically satisfying as their previous 3 albums. I might not be able to see them in concert in SG this July, but I can listen to their indie baroque pop to my heart’s content

7. Figure out what I should do next, career-wise – oh right, it will take more than this week to figure this one out

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