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Top 10 Ways to Be More Creative This 2010

The New Year is the perfect opportunity for you to unleash your creativity! With just a few strokes of a pen, you can liven up your surroundings and belongings, without having to spend a fortune on materials and creating designs that are personalized and just totally you! With Dong-A Shavet Deco Color Pen, you can make your life more colorful and interesting, because the pens can write on any surface imaginable

Here are some suggestions on how you can have fun designing your own stuff with Dong-A Shavet

1. Quirk your nails up!

Nail polish isn’t the only way to color your nails. You can use Shavet to create your own quirky designs with its felt tip which makes designing easier than using the normal nail polish brush. And you can blend colors and combine designs like there’s no tomorrow!

2. Pimp up your planner!

You don’t have to get stuck with the plain and boring designs of planners available in the market. Pimp up the cover and even the pages of the planner by styling it according to each month’s special occasion. For example, red theme for February, floral for May and Halloween for October

3. Make your own designer jeans and shirts!

Who says only celebrities can make their own fashion line? Use Shavet to add your own style to plain pants and shirts. And since the ink is washable, you can change designs as often as you want, without buying new clothes!

4. Colorful Mirror on the wall!

If you’re one of those people who look at the mirror first thing in the morning, then designing your mirror will surely start your day right! You can adjust your mirror art to your mood and preferences for the day. Caricatures, rainbows, flowers, even abstract art will do because anything goes!

5. Save the earth, design a mug!

If coffee shops are your second home, you can help save the planet by bringing your own mug so that you lessen the use and purchase of paper cups. And you can be stylish while doing so by adding cute touches and designs to your mug.

6. Graffiti is not always bad!

If your parents would allow you or if you live on your own, choose a small nook in your house and create your own wall graffiti. Shavet is permanent when dry, but easy to wipe off when wet. So give in to your inner street artist and give graffiti a try!

7. Watch and Learn!

Watches aren’t just time telling devices anymore. They’ve evolved into fashion accessories over the years. And you don’t need to buy 20 watches just to have variety on your wrist. Buy a plain colored watch, preferably black or white, and change designs whenever it suits you!

8. Wear your Heart on Your Head

Gossip Girl revived the headband trend, and now you can create a trend of your own. On your next girls’ day out, buy all your friends white head bands and Dong A Shavet Pens and see your friends’ inner Blair unfold.

9. Gadgets aren’t Exempted

Almost everyone has a cellphone or laptop or music player nowadays and gone are the days when just black or white will do. And you don’t need to put stickers or wraps that might permanently damage your gadgets’ surface. Shavet uses opaque water based acrylic paint so it won’t leave a permanent scar on your gadget, if you want to be as creative as you want

10. Say it with a (very creative) Card

They say that greeting cards are a thing of the past. But you can revive this time-honored tradition by creating your own version of a card, using any materials (corrugated board, Japanese paper, cardboard, etc) that you see fit. And because Shavet can write on any surface, designing your card is a piece of cake!

Those are just 10 examples of how Dong-A Shavet can help you become the creative artist that you want to be, in simple, everyday ways. I’m sure you can think of more ideas if you just let your imagination run wild. Let Shavet fuel your ingenuity!

Dong-A Shavet is available at all branches of National Bookstore and SM Stationery Section

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