Nope, Still Not Gay

17 Jun

For some reason, one of my officemates started a rumor around 2 years ago that I was gay. And for some reason that totally escapes me, that has been a running  joke in the office

While I have nothing against gay people (heck, I share a house with two guys of the pink persuasion), I love men too much for me to swing the other way. And yes, I do admire and gush over pretty women, but that’s like 80% of the female population. Women are much more secure in their womanhood that they are able to admire the same sex. But that’s a whole other story (I just noticed that I use this phrase a lot, maybe I should start another blog, talking about all the other stories that I mention in each blog entry. But I digress…)

It just got me wondering, why do people assume that I am gay?

Maybe it’s because I have never been or never will be a girly girl. I can go the whole day without combing my hair or looking in the mirror and powdering my face. I only learned to put on make-up when I turned 25. I do not freak out when I stain my blouse with ketchup or when I lean against a dirty wall. Yes I wear dresses and skirts, but I still don’t know how to get in and out of a car gracefully. I slip, trip, and slide, but I’m so used to it that it doesn’t bother me anymore if I look stupid and clumsy. I don’t know how to bat my eyelashes or look coy and flirtatious. And most of all, I am very much uncomfortable in the presence of girly girls and ultra feminine prim and proper women because I know I look less of a woman when I am with them

Maybe another reason is that I am a dyke magnet. I have been in countless situations where dykes come on to me, and of course I am totally clueless, until someone points it out to me. Then I become totally uncomfortable because I have no idea how to act around them because I do not want to give off the impression that I am homophobic but I also want to say that “sorry, im as straight as an arrow”

Or maybe I am not one of those girls who appreciates chivalry. I can carry 4 pull up banners at once without complaint.  I cross the street whenever or however I want without waiting for some “knight” to shield me from incoming jeepneys. I will go under the table to plug in my laptop even if I’m wearing a dress and there’s a guy right next to me who can do it. Of course if a guy forcefully volunteers to do something for me, I would have to give in, because after all, I am still lazy deep inside

And maybe the biggest reason is that, I haven’t been in any kind of relationship, heterosexual or otherwise, for the past five years. And for most people, that is like, just plain crazy. But for me, that has been the story of my life and it is a status that I am totally embracing right now

But whatever reason it is why people get the impression that I might be gay, the bottomline is, I do not get offended and I just laugh it off, because yes, I am that secure in my sexuality.

Which makes me wonder why I even wrote this post…maybe I just wanted to reiterate to the skeptics that nope, im still not gay


Posted by on June 17, 2009 in Love and Heartbreak


4 responses to “Nope, Still Not Gay

  1. anonymous

    June 18, 2009 at 12:05 am

    i believe you dearest!

  2. jing

    June 18, 2009 at 12:36 am

    Give it time… Haha I keed, I keed. I think we appreciate chivalry, we just don’t need it most of the time. 😉

  3. chronicles-of-e

    June 18, 2009 at 4:21 am

    BAKLA! BAKLA! BAKLA! HAHAHAHA! Joke! You know,it never crossed my mind that you could be gay…but now that you’ve mention it hhhmmm…JOKE! LOL!

  4. idaflutterby

    June 18, 2009 at 6:39 am

    Joe, buti naman. Kala ko may pagdududa ka pa rin
    Jing, if im going to turn gay, you eventually will too. Haha
    E, halikan kita diyan eh. hehe


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