Worst Awards Show Ever?

09 Jun

I won’t mention any names or specifics because some of the people directly and indirectly involved are good friends, but you know who you are

To have such a crappy and embarassing event unfold in front of the public, and to continually mention in the credits that you are the premiere, elite event production outfit is downright laughable if not criminal. False advertising, ika nga nila

Our events have not been perfect. But even our worst event cannot compare to the nightmare that we witnessed tonight. I don’t know if you managed to pull yourselves together after the supposed “break” (which could be code for, oh crap, we’re practically crapping in our pants right now so we have to take a break) because we finally walked out because we knew our time would be better spent eating at that Pepper Steak House in Trinoma than torturing ourselves with this farce of a show

Okay, I’ll try to be nice, because who knows, it might happen to us in the future.  NOT! Even the most inexperienced events company has no excuse to be that mediocre. Okay, mediocre is an understatement. But I did say I would try to be nice. Okay, the venue was spanking new and lovely. The lights were flashy and blinding. Richard Poon was debonaire. Sino Sikat was a sight for the ears, even if they did just one song. Itchyworms was hilarious. And some of the presentors were funny in their own way.

But everything else….sigh….I pity the whole production team because they probably received the scolding of the century. Better luck next year I guess. Let’s hope there will be a second year

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Posted by on June 9, 2009 in Critique


One response to “Worst Awards Show Ever?

  1. wandering storyteller

    June 14, 2009 at 1:51 am

    antaray! haha. anong event to? 🙂


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