One Day More

06 May

On the eve of the big 30, these are the things I would like to do on the year where I am one more year shy of being out of the calendar

  • Get out of the country, even for just 2-3 days (darn it, still no passport! maybe i should put that on top of my list)
  • Ride a bus, alone, somwhere I’ve never been to and just explore on my own
  • Go through one day without opening my work email. And this is a difficult feat, if you really know me
  • Finish the 20 books I’ve bought for the past few months
  • Go out on an honest to goodness date (which I haven’t done in……I don’t even want to mention how long)
  • Organize a wedding (the last time was more than a year ago. so if you’re getting married within the year and need someone….)
  • Take my mom and my brother on a weekend getaway (I know Lola won’t come so I won’t even bother wishing for it)
  • Spend one whole day focusing on Lola and Lola alone
  • Buy a lomo cam
  • Actually use the lomo cam
  • Make at least five new friends (I think I already made two new friends. Even though they are too viral)
  • Write one blog entry a day, even if it’s just a photo entry
  • Go rockeoking one of these days (gosh, I miss singing terribly. I mean, I miss terrible singing. I mean…oh well you know what I mean)
  • Go through one day without making a single complaint about anything (see, I’m trying to live positively)
  • Kiss or be kissed

List to be continued….

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