One Lipgloss I will not wear

04 Apr

For lack of anything better to watch on TV in Boracay (and why am I watching TV in Bora? that’s another blog entry) last night, Enya and I caught this teen show on TV5 called Lipgloss. It was an attempt to do our own version of Gossip Girl, yada, yada, yada, yada

Paging anyone who knows anyone remotely connected to this show: please, please, for the love of God, take this show off air. Or fire your entire creative team and start over

This is absolutely one of the most horrible shows ever. From the acting, to the cinematography, to the outfits, to the makeup, to the dialogue, to the….you get the picture. It’s an absolute train wreck. The only thing remotely beautiful about the episode was the resort where they were staying, Lago del Rey. And even then, there was a nauseating cameo by Governor Lray Villafuerte that reeked of political campaigning. That man cannot act to save his life

And I know that I am probably giving this show free publicity by blogging about them. But you have to watch it at least for ten minutes so you know what im talking about. And they have to read this to at least attempt to repair their show. It’s an absolute waste

I know they probably don’t have a lot of budget. But low budget does not necessarily have to translate to low quality. There are ways, if you just put a little more effort and creativity into it people!!!

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